Do you have a watermain break on your property? You can report a problem by calling the City of Cambridge Public Works department at (519) 621-0740, any time. Other water problems include:

  • Water meter leak
  • Unusual taste or odour
  • No water coming from your taps

Watermain repairs

Underground watermain breaks can flood streets and private property. Report watermain breaks immediately by calling (519) 621-0740.

Please note that when we need to turn off water service in your area due to a watermain break, you receive little to no notice. Once we restore water services, you may notice brown or cloudy water. Follow the steps below to clear your water.

Clearing procedure for discoloured water

The clearing procedure for property owners is simple, however we advise to wait until the repair is completed and the fire hydrants are flushed.

To clear discoloured water:

  • Use the lowest or closest water tap near the water meter
  • Use only cold hard water and let it run for 10 minutes at medium speed

If the water is not clear wait for an hour and try again. To avoid having discoloured water enter your hot water tank, please refrain from using hot water during this time.