City staff monitor weather forecasts daily. A snow event is declared when there is substantial snowfall or freezing rain, generally this is eight centimeters of snow or more.

Snow events are posted on the Snow Event Declarations page and our social media platforms and can start at any time. Snow Events remain in effect for 24 hours from the start time or until a cancellation is issued. You can sign up to receive snow event notifications.

Not all snow fall warrants the declaration of a snow event.


During a declared snow event, parking is prohibited on all streets until the snow event has ended and all parking exemptions are cancelled. This allows our operators to quickly and safely clear snow and treat roadways without parked vehicles in the way. Any vehicle that interferes with snow-clearing operations may be ticketed and/or towed at the owners expense. The set fine amount is $80. 

Towing occurs to the degree necessary to allow snow clearing operations to take place. As such, it is possible that some cars will be towed from a street while others are not, even though all the cars are in violation of the by-law.

In addition to keeping cars off the street during a snow event, residents are also required to clear snow and ice from sidewalks at the front and side of homes and businesses within 36 hours following the end of any snow fall. Snow and ice-covered sidewalks can be hazardous to residents, especially those who already have mobility restrictions.

City bylaw officers respond to complaints and proactively monitor sidewalks for compliance. To report an unshovelled sidewalk visit Service Cambridge.

For information on snow clearing, visit the winter maintenance page.