The declaration of a snow event parking suspension depends on credible weather forecasts of substantial snowfalls or freezing rain events. Parking is prohibited on any City street at any time (day or night) when the City of Cambridge declares a snow event. Vehicles parked on-street during a significant snow event can be ticketed and possibly towed. Snow events are not limited to certain months. For example, if forecasts predict a winter storm in May, the City could declare a  snow event.

For a list of any current snow events in effect snow event declarations news page.

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Declaring a Snow Event

Snow events are in effect only when posted on the City website as such.  Not all snowfalls that result in plowing warrant a snow event.

Snow events can start at 5p.m. or midnight and remain in effect until the posted end time or until a cancellation is issued.


Enforcement will done both proactively and in conjunction with clearing operations.  Vehicles will not be tagged and/or towed based on calls from the public.  The fine amount for parking on-street during a snow event is $80.

Towing will only occur to the degree necessary to allow the snow clearing equipment access to the street to perform required duties. As such, it is possible that some cars will be towed from a street while others are not, even though all the cars are in violation of the by-law.  Vehicle owners are responsible for all fees associated with towing in addition to the fine amount.

For information on snow plowing and sidewalk clearing, visit our winter maintenance page.