The City of Cambridge issues a Notice of Construction to residents impacted by planned construction projects in their neighbourhood.

Current Notices of Construction

View a list of current construction projects on our Current Projects page under the Infrastructure Renewal section.

How are construction projects planned?

Construction projects within the city of Cambridge include the following steps before the City issues a Notice of Construction.

Project design

The first step in the design process is for a survey crew to visit the project site to complete a topographic survey. The survey crew accesses both public and private property to determine surface features and ground elevations.

We issue a Notice of Project to let you know about upcoming surveying activities near or on your property. Sometimes this includes sidewalks, porches, steps, gardens etc. The crew does not require entry into your home. This information helps ensure any future improvements have minimal impact on your property.

After surveying activities, we complete the preliminary engineering design. View a list of projects in the pre-construction phase.

Public consultation

After surveying activities and preliminary design, we schedule a public consultation to provide the community with information about the project. The public consultation usually happens through a Public Information Centre (PIC).

A PIC can: 

  • Provide information to the public about the project
  • Collect feedback from the public (comments collected are considered during final design)
Project award and construction

The City of Cambridge prepares project tender documents after the project design is complete. Tender documents provide information to contractors who are interested in submitting a bid to complete construction of the project. The City awards the project to the successful contractor through the tendering process.

Once we award the project, we notify the public about details of the contractor, road closures, possible detours and the anticipated work schedule through a Notice of Construction. The City provides additional notices, as needed, throughout the construction project. Notices include contact information for a staff member directly involved with the project, who is available to respond to any concerns.