The City of Cambridge has a number of maps to help you learn about different features of the community. We use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide answers to questions and solve spatial issues. A team of professionals use hardware and software to gather, store, maintain, analyze and distribute geographic data. This GIS data helps us produce reviews, presentations, analysis and queries to help City staff make decisions.

Please note that we try to keep maps on this page as up-to-date as possible, however as soon as they are published, maps are often already out of date. 

Cambridge Interactive Web Maps and Applications

The City of Cambridge has a number of interactive maps available to assist with exploring a variety of information. Use our interactive city map to find an address, park, city facility or school. You can also see which ward you live in, determine your zoning and view aerial imagery of your neighbourhood.

Interactive Maps

Our interactive maps include:

View our online interactive map.

Map gallery

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader you may zoom in, zoom out, pan around, and print a map.

City Map with street index
This citywide Street Index Map shows streets by ownership with a searchable index.
Official Plan Land Use Map
Maps can be viewed through The City of Cambridge Official Plan's Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16 and Schedules. For a hard copy of this map, contact the Planning Division at (519) 621-0740.
Status of Plans of Subdivisions Map

The Status of Plans of Subdivisions Map and Development Monitoring Tables show subdivision applications and other residential development applications to provide an indication of current and potential development activity. We update this map on an annual basis. If you wish to obtain a printed copy please contact the Development and Infrastructure Department by email or call 519-621-0740.

Learn more about development and infrastructure planning.

Ward Map with street index
This Ward Map shows the Wards and streets within the city of Cambridge and has a searchable index.
Zoning Map

Maps can be viewed through The City of Cambridge Zoning By-law's Section 5 and Section 6. 

Learn more about Zoning in the city of Cambridge.

Other local maps

For more geographic information about Cambridge and surrounding areas, view the following maps:

Open data

GIS data is also available through our Open Data Catalogue.

Property lines

For surveys of your property, visit the online resources of the Ontario Land Survey Records and the Ontario Land Registry: ONLAND

If you have other questions about your property, contact the building division.