Before you rake, check your collection date!

The City of Cambridge is encouraging all residents to plan raking to the curb according to the set schedule.  

Loose Leaf Collection for 2021 is scheduled to begin in November and will run until early December. 

Loose Leaf Collection schedule map

View the map below to see when collection is scheduled for your neighbourhood. Please be advised that the schedule is approximate and weather dependent. Updates to our program will be provided to reflect an early or late arrival to each specific area. Please have your leaves raked onto the road and directly next to the curb by 7 a.m. on the first day of your areas scheduled collection week. 

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How does it work?

City of Cambridge Loose Leaf Collection Program is performed through various equipment including front-end loaders, dump trucks, leaf vacuums and street sweepers. Four loader crews, two leaf vacuums and three sweepers are active during this program. Residential areas will be serviced by specific equipment according to the volume of leaves of the area. All loose leaves are then transported to the Region of Waterloo Waste Management facility.

Participants of the program are required to leave storm sewer grates uncovered and ensure the leaves are stored on the road close to the curb. If there are no curbs in your neighbourhood, store the leaves on the road at the edge of the asphalt.

DO NOT put sticks, branches, other materials or general debris in the leaf piles as they may damage equipment, causing delays or injure work crews. Bagged leaves and yard waste will not be collected by the City of Cambridge.

DO NOT allow children to play in the leaves. For children's safety, we advise parents and guardians to educate children about the dangers of playing near the roadway and around leaf piles.

Vehicles parked on the road and on top of leaf piles will obstruct services. Workers will go around the vehicle and continue with leaf pick-up. Workers will not be back to pick up the leaves where that vehicle was parked. To anticipate your collection week, please refer to the map provided above.

Please note night-time street sweeping may occur in your neighbourhood after the bulk of the leaves have been collected.

What if I miss the collection day or have additional leaves?

If you miss the loose leaf collection or have more leaves after crews have collected, take your yard waste to the landfill site located at the end of Savage Drive.

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Saturday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Waterloo Region Yard Waste Collection

The Region of Waterloo offers Yard Waste Collection until the end of November, please see the Region's schedule for reference. Please advise that Regional Yard Waste Collection ends November 26, 2021.


Further leaf collection options

Mulching and composting are the most economical and environmentally beneficial methods to get rid of collected leaves.


Collected leaves can be slowly added to your home compost. They break down into useful organic material that can be added to home gardening projects. Leaves, although bulky when first raked, will compost well over winter. Make sure the leaves are moist. It also helps to mix in some fruit and vegetable scraps.


Try mulching leaves with a lawn mower or other device to reduce the volume of the leaf pile for home storage or composting. Also simply mowing your leaves, in a dry condition, on your lawn adds organic material directly to your lawn.