The City of Cambridge provides financial assistance for owners of designated heritage properties through our Designated Heritage Property Grant Program. These Heritage Grants, provided through the City's Operating Budget help pay for conservation and restoration work on these designated properties. Designated in accordance with Part IV and Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act, these properties have historical and/or architectural significance.

The Ontario Heritage Act provides municipalities and property owners with a variety of ways to work together to identify and conserve local "heritage resources" - buildings, places, and landscapes that hold special cultural value and reflect the history of a community. The Act requires that the final stage of these efforts be reflected in a public municipal record known as the Heritage Properties. For more information visit the City of Cambridge's listed heritage properties.

How to apply

Complete the Designated Heritage Property Grant Program application form and submit it to the Policy Planning Division by the last business day of January. Approved projects must be complete by November 1 of the same year.

The Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC) reviews applications for the Designated Heritage Property Grant Program. An owner may qualify for a grant of up to one half the cost of the work carried out to conserve the heritage attributes of the building, up to a maximum of $5,000 per calendar year.

Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation

If you own a designated heritage property, you may also qualify for funding from the Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation.