The City of Cambridge is committed to offering multiple ways for residents to connect with the community.

The following are some of the ways you can connect online.

Social media (includes Terms of Use)

You can follow the City of Cambridge on any of our social media profiles:

You can follow the Mayor of Cambridge on the following platforms:

Social Media Terms of Use

The City of Cambridge uses social media platforms for communicating and engaging with residents. We welcome comments, feedback and respectful conversation. While we appreciate passionate and spirited dialogue, we do not condone any form of online bullying or harassment. In order to provide a space that is open and friendly, users on our channels must agree to the following Terms of Use:

  • Please keep your comments clean, civil, and respectful. 
  • Do not post comments containing defamatory or obscene material or any material prohibited by the laws of Canada or other applicable jurisdictions.
  • The City of Cambridge reserves the right to remove comments that violate these Terms of Use.
  • The City reserves the right to post, refuse to post, or remove, any event from its Facebook page at any time, without notice.

Our Administrators reserve the right to block members or remove comments/messages that contain the following:

  • Comments that promote, perpetuate or foster discrimination on the basis of race, creed, colour, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, nationality, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation.
  • Comments that are offensive to an individual or an organization, rude in tone, or abusive.
  • Solicitation, campaigning or advertisements of any non-government organization, product or service.
  • Comments that breach the privacy or personal information of individuals.
  • Comments that promote an illegal activity
  • Slanderous or defamatory remarks, obscene language or sexual content
  • Information that may compromise the safety or security of the public or City employees
  • Content that engages in harassment or personal attacks toward individuals or organizations
  • Comments/accounts that impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or an organization

If you have any questions about this Terms of Use or to report inappropriate comments on the City of Cambridge’s social media platforms, please email Corporate Communications.  If the matter is regarding a Mayoral accounts, please email the Office of the Mayor

To report a specific issue, visit our Report an Issue web page. 


EngageCambridge is an online community engagement platform that allows residents to provide input on various topics, helping with the City's decision-making.

Looking to get online?

Free WiFi is available at various locations throughout the city.

  • Civic Square
  • Cambridge Farmers' Market
  • David Durward Centre
  • John Dolson Centre
  • Allan Reuter Centre,
  • William E. Pautler Centre
  • Preston Auditorium
  • Galt Arena Gardens
  • Hespeler Memorial Arena
  • Dickson Centre
  • Duncan McIntosh Arena,
  • Hespeler Core Area