For information on the Strategic Plan process for 2020-2023, visit our project page.

On January 19, 2016, Cambridge Council approved the Strategic Plan, Cambridge Connected: Our Voice. Our Vision. Development of this plan included community consultation and engagement with nearly 1,500 members of the community. The Plan provides a foundation for decision making, priority setting and ongoing performance management in order to deliver high-quality public service that meets the needs of the community.

The Cambridge Connected: Our Voice. Our Vision Strategic Plan:

  • Reflects the voices of the people who live, work and play in Cambridge
  • Connects the community's vision and goals with the corporate mission, values and actions of the City
  • Guides decision-making
  • Helps direct tax dollars to community priorities
  • Allows the community to measure progress

View the full version Cambridge's Strategic Plan for more information.

What Are We Doing?

The Strategic Plan Dashboard is an online tool to help you learn more about the key corporate initiatives at the City of Cambridge.  These strategic actions and initiatives work together to implement the Strategic Plan and contribute to the quality of life in Cambridge.  Explore this dashboard to see a summary of the work underway.

View the Strategic Plan Dashboard – What Are We Doing?

How Are We Doing?

Since the approval of the 2016 Strategic Plan, there have been a total of 375 initiatives have been included in the corporate business planning process.   Through the Business Plan, the organization demonstrates how it has made progress on the strategic goals and objectives outlined in Cambridge Connected. The Business Plan is an essential management tool designed to ensure that all staff are working together towards the community’s and Council’s priorities.  There remains a focus on Goal 2 – Governance and Leadership within the organization.   

View the 2021 Business Plan that identifies how our Strategic Plan will be implemented over the next year.  This includes a total of 116 active initiatives for 2021. 

2016 Cambridge Connected Development

We developed our Cambridge Connected Strategic Plan in three phases:

Phase One: Connect with what we have already

During Phase One, we wanted to hear from the community about what makes Cambridge special and what we can focus on to make it even better. More than 130 people provided comments in writing, online and at our three Open House and Workshop sessions held from April 29 to May 7 in 2015.

View the following documents to learn more about what the community had to say:

Phase Two: Collaborate on where we should go in the future

On October 6, 2015 staff provided a Council Report of Phase Two of the Cambridge Connected Strategic Plan. This included a summary of community feedback and next steps. A presentation was given to Council on October 20, 2015, identifying the categories for the foundation of the Strategic Plan, including:

  • Arts, Culture, Heritage and Architecture
  • Community and Social Well Being
  • Economic Development (including Tourism)
  • Environment and Rivers
  • Governance and Services
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Transportation and Infrastructure

View the Draft Strategic Framework (October 2015) to learn more.

Phase Three: Create a sustainable framework

The final Council decision about the Strategic Plan was made on January 19, 2016. Phase Three included:

View the final version of the Cambridge Connected Strategic Plan.

 Strategic Plan Steering Committee
 The Strategic Plan Steering Committee includes the following members:
  • Jamie Austin, Director of Water/Wastewater Works
  • Hardy Bromberg, Deputy City Manager, Development an Infrastructure
  • Elaine Brunn Shaw, Director of Planning
  • Dave Bush, Deputy City Manager, Corporate Services
  • Chris Davidson, President of the Cambridge Professional Fire Fighters Association
  • Councillor Mike Devine, Cambridge City Council Ward 2
  • Gary Dyke, City Manager (Chair)
  • Steven Fairweather, Deputy City Manager/Chief Financial Officer
  • Shawn Falcao, Manager of Communications
  • James Goodram, Director of Economic Development
  • Mike Gregorasz, Secretary of CUPE Local 32
  • Deborah Ingraham, Executive Assistant to the City Manager
  • Helen Kelly, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Idea Exchange
  • Brooke Lambert, Director of Corporate Strategy
  • Councillor Mike Mann, Cambridge City Council Ward 3
  • Neil Main, Fire Chief, Cambridge Fire Department
  • Warren Shaw, President of CUPE Local 1882
  • Sue Trayes, Director of Human Resources
  • Councillor Pam Wolf, Cambridge City Council Ward 5
 Cambridge Connected Implementation Committee
 The Cambridge Connected Implementation Committee includes the following members:
  • Debbie Andrade, Senior Budget Analyst
  • Sherry Atyeo, Business Analyst
  • Shawn Falcao, Manager of Communications
  • Ana Feliciano, Property Officer
  • Lisa Freund, Recreation Coordinator Special Events
  • Brian Geerts, Manager of Operations Horticulture/Forestry
  • Mike Gregorasz, Gardener
  • Jaime Griffis, Director of Programming and Promotions, Idea Exchange
  • Erin Haase, Communications Website Associate
  • Nathan Herrington, Supervisor of Roads
  • Susanne Hiller, Director of Communications
  • Johan Krijnen, Manager of Asset Management
  • Brooke Lambert, Director of Corporate Strategy
  • Councillor Jan Liggett, Cambridge City Council Ward 4
  • Councillor Mike Mann, Cambridge City Council Ward 3
  • Paul Musselman, Senior CADD/Graphic Design Technologist
  • Councillor Donna Reid, Cambridge City Council Ward 1
  • Ilidia Sa Melo, Manager of Information Management and Archives/Deputy City Manager
  • Yogesh Shah, Director of Asset Management/Project Management Office
  • Ryan Small, Systems and Network Architect
  • Gwen Stott, Manager of Recreation and Culture
  • Laura Waldie, Senior Heritage Planner
  • Councillor Pam Wolf, Cambridge City Council Ward 5