Help us #CaptureCambridge!

Success in attracting the film industry relies on the ability to show our versatility as a community.  And there is no better way to discover all the amazing landscapes our beautiful city has to offer, than by asking our citizens to help us out!

We want to see the picturesque landscapes, dark nooks and crannies, stately historic homes and everything in between!  Use your imagination!  Do you see something that could be a grocery store for a day?  What about a small hospital or sleepy police station?  If you come across an area that you think is ready for its close up, we are encouraging you to snap a picture and upload it to our map!

This project will be shared with the Ontario Creates (which is the first point of contact for film production in Ontario), the Directors Guild of Canada and other industry organizations to let them get to know us!

So get out and explore our community!  You can see what else has been submitted and participate yourself using the following link:

The Dos

  • Do explore our community and have fun!
  • Do upload as many different locations as you’d like.
  • Do feel free to contact our office should you have any questions or concerns (
  • Do submit photos of interesting, unique or architecturally significant neighbourhood streetscapes.
  • Do be patient; photos will not appear on the map instantly.  There is a staff approval process in place to attempt to ensure only appropriate photos are used.
  • Do take pictures of both interiors and exteriors of buildings.
  • Do use metadata to describe your picture. Sure, it may be a “2 story brown brick commercial building”, but what ELSE could it be?  A police station? Neighbourhood grocery store?  Include that information too!
  • Include your social media handles if you want to connect or get shout outs for your photos.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t trespass.
  • Don’t submit pictures of specific residential homes unless you are the registered owner.  Not the owner but think a home needs to be on film?  Feel free to contact our office with the address recommendation so we can reach out to the owner and gauge their interest.
  • Don’t include people in your picture – while we love to see our smiling citizens, we are looking for natural and built landscapes.  Any photos including people or animals will not be approved for the map.
  • Don’t focus on small decorative details, give a sense of the space as a whole.

Helpful Links

Ontario Creates photo requirements

Legal Participation Disclaimer

#CaptureCambridge Story Map