The City of Cambridge welcomes film productions large and small! We have many great filming locations for you to discover and explore. All filming in Cambridge must meet the regulations of our Special Event Policy and the Regional Film By-law. This ensures the safety and consideration of our residents, businesses and motorists.

The City of Cambridge is registered with Ontario Creates (formerly, the Ontario Media Development Corporation or OMDC), which offers promotional resources and other services to help production companies select Ontario sites for their film projects.  If you don't find what you're looking for in their digital library site, feel free to contact our office to discuss your needs.  Our knowledgeable staff are aware of the numerous assets in Cambridge, just waiting for the opportunity to be discovered!


Have you ever wondered how your property could be considered for filming, or do you have concerns with film crews in your neighbourhood?  We've attempted to capture the most common questions to our office here!

How can I get film companies to consider my property?
The provincial film commission (Ontario Creates) maintains an online resource of locations across Ontario.  This digital library is used in a number of ways: to attract foreign production to Ontario, to promote the unique views and vistas found in communities (including private assets like buildings and land), but most importantly it is a location manager’s first stop when breaking down a script and looking for locations.  By including your property on the site, it allows you the ability not only to attract film projects to your property, but to assist our office in attracting projects to our Cambridge community.  Please visit their website for more information regarding the Ontario Creates digital library.
How do I stay up to date on what is filming locally?
Subscribe to film notifications through our website to ensure you are aware of all projects that are filming locally and how they may impact travel around the city.
Who should I contact if I have concerns with a film project?
If you are concerned about work being undertaken by a film crew in your neighbourhood, please contact our Economic Development staff at or by telephone at (519) 740-4685.  Our staff can confirm whether we are aware of and have approved a project for filming, and can support you if you have questions and concerns.
How can our community support this industry?
  • Celebrate!  Share information regarding upcoming projects on social media using #cbridge and #film, the more residents and businesses that know a project is occurring, the more smoothly a project will go.
  • Please give crews their space. Film locations are workplaces and should be respected as such. Outdoor location filming is some of the safest activity for this industry and we all need to do our part to ensure we all remain healthy.
  • Contact Economic Development with any concerns. Our staff cannot address problems if we are unaware they exist.  We want to hear from you to ensure that the film industry has a successful return. Contact our staff at or (519) 740-4685.
If you are concerned about work being undertaken by a film crew in your neighbourhood, please contact our Economic Development staff at or by telephone at (519) 740-4685.  Our staff can confirm whether we are aware of and have approved a project for filming, and can support you if you have questions and concerns.

Film permits

All projects, regardless of size or the property class where you are filming, must complete a Production Information Sheet.  This form allows our staff to ensure the appropriate parties are aware of your project and there are no conflicts with upcoming festivals, events or roadwork.  If your project will affect city streets, parking or other municipal assets, you will need to apply for a film permit before you can start your film production in Cambridge. Apply for your permit at least 20 business days before you plan to start filming. If your project involves a road closure or hazardous activities, such as gunfire, vehicle stunts or extreme special effects, a longer approval period may be necessary.

Have shorter filming timeline? Contact our office to discuss your proposal and we'll do our best to accommodate your project.

The City of Cambridge Economic Development Division helps you throughout the application process. You need to have a project outline available for review, including proposed number of filming days, potential road closure requests, parking needs, and a project timeline.

View our Production Companies' Checklist to learn more.

 Learn more about applying for a Film Permit
Interested in making your next film project in the city of Cambridge? Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about getting a film permit in Cambridge.
When do I need a film permit?
You need a film permit if you plan to film on municipal property. If you are filming on private property, we encourage you to contact our offices to discuss your project. We can help you identify potential issues, connect you with property owners or suggest film locations you may not have considered.  If a film permit is not required, you will still need to submit a Production Information Sheet to our office to ensure we are aware of the project and can contact you if we receive concerns from the public.
How much does a film permit cost?
Film permit costs vary depending on the requirements of your project.  Contact us for more information about the cost of your permit.
Are there any other fees related to filming in Cambridge?

Depending on your film project, you may also need to pay for:

  • Parking spaces
  • Police officers for traffic control
  • Special rental fees for venues
  • Explosives experts when using pyrotechnics
Do I need to fill out any forms?
If you're considering filming in Cambridge, contact our office so we can help you determine any necessary paperwork and guide you through the film permit application process.
Do I need to inform the community where I am planning to film?
Yes, knowing about local projects is important to our success. Learning about these projects helps ensure our Council is aware of the proposal and public safety is maintained. Contact us to let us know about your film project.
Do I need special insurance to film in the city of Cambridge?
Yes, we determine the amount of liability insurance needed when we review your film permit application.
How do I book areas, such as parks and arenas?
The City of Cambridge Filming Coordinator informs the department in charge of special events to book parks or arenas needed for filming.
How do I coordinate road closures?
The City of Cambridge Filming Coordinator informs the Public Works department if your filming project requires any road closures. The Public Works department helps to coordinate these closures.
What other information should I review when planning my filming project?

Gunshots, pyrotechnics, shots of general public, street light modifications, area clean-up are just a few more items to consider when planning a film project in the city of Cambridge. The more information you can provide before we start the film permit application process the better!

#CaptureCambridge crowdsource project!!

We want your input!  In an effort to expand our database of local film assets, we need you to get out and explore our community!  We want to see original photos of our picturesque landscapes, historic streetscapes, alleys, industrial areas and everything in between!  Upload your photos to our #CaptureCambridge story map, discover the hidden nooks within our municipality that would look great on film and help us show the film industry that Cambridge is so much more than just the Main Street Bridge!  Grab your camera and comfy shoes - and get ready to #CaptureCambridge!

Interactive Story Mapping

Have you ever wondered which locations in Cambridge are used for filming?  Take an interactive tour of the film projects that have taken place in Cambridge!  Are you only interested in learning where the critically acclaimed Handmaid's Tale has filmed locally?  We have a map for that too!

All Film Projects

The Handmaid's Tale

Do you want to know more than just where something has filmed? Are you looking to discover the unique history of the locations that were used to build the fictional backdrops?  Use our Handmaid's Tale Walking Tour to learn about Cambridge's rich history and go beyond Gilead.

Previous projects

 Previous productions filmed in Cambridge include:

  • The Queen's Gambit
  • The Hardy Boys
  • The Good Witch
  • The October Faction
  • V-Wars
  • The Handmaid's Tale (Winner of 2 Golden Globes and 15 Emmy Awards, including the first ever Outstanding Drama Series win for a streaming service original series)
  • American Gods (Nominated for both Emmy and Critics' Choice Awards)
  • Designated Survivor
  • Flatliners
  • Terrific Trucks Save Christmas (Nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award)
  • 11/22/63 (Stephen King Miniseries)
  • Murdoch Mysteries

Picture of film crew in the market building parking lot

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