There are many different types of development applications, each with their own particular process. Generally, the City of Cambridge development review process includes the following steps for applications that require public consultation:

  1. The City advises the applicant of the required applications and supporting studies through a Formal Pre-Consultation process.
  2. The applicant submits a development application(s) to the City of Cambridge.  Please note that plans of subdivision and condominium are to be submitted directly to the Region of Waterloo. 
  3. The application(s) are reviewed for completeness (example: ensuring all required studies were submitted).
  4. The City notifies the public of the application(s) and that they can view the application(s) and submit their comments for consideration.
  5. A public meeting is held by Planning and Development Committee to receive input on the application from the public.
  6. City departments and external agencies review the application and provide comments.
  7. The applicant addresses these comments and further requirements, and resubmits updated drawings, plans and/or reports as required.
  8. City departments and outside agencies (i.e. Energy Plus and Grand River Conservation Authority) review the new submission documents and provide comments and/or clearances.
  9. City staff prepares a recommendation report which is considered by Planning and Development Committee (Committee of Council).
  10. Planning and Development Committee will make a decision on the proposed application(s) subject to final approval by either Council or the Region of Waterloo.
  11. Following the decision on the development application(s), notice of approval or refusal is mailed to anyone requesting to be notified about the application(s) with information on how to appeal the development application to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT).
  12. Official Plan Amendments and Plans of Subdivision and Condominiums require final approval by the Region of Waterloo.
  13. Following final approval of either the City of Cambridge or the Region of Waterloo and no appeals to the application(s) have been received, the approval is final and binding.
  14. Some applications (plans of subdivision and condominiums) have conditions that require completing/clearing prior to final approval.