Site inspections are a mandatory requirement of the building permit process and it is the responsibility of the permit holder to notify the Inspector of readiness to inspect at each stage of construction. 

Once your building permit has been issued you must complete a few steps before starting construction. By following these steps you will be able to proceed with construction knowing what to expect and what requirements must be met to complete the construction of your project with confidence.

1. Get your Issued Permit Package

If you applied for your permit online, you will be able to download your issued permit package from the Online Application System.

Otherwise, you will be contacted by a Plans Examiner who will ensure you receive your issued permit package. 

2. Review Your Building Permit Card and Permit Drawings
Your issued permit package will include a building permit with pertinent information such as who to call for inspections and what inspections are required.

Once you have received your issued permit package please take the time to review your building permit document and permit plans.

Be aware of your obligation to provide notice, by booking inspections, at various stages of construction and aware of all professional review reports that may be required to be submitted during the project (Architect, Engineer, Surveyors, etc.).

Additionally, you will need to review all notations, noted code requirements and changes that have been made to the drawings during the review process.  If you have any questions you should review these with the inspector prior to starting construction.

3. Post Your Building Permit On Site

Posting the permit on site is a requirement of the Building Code and provides proof that construction can occur.  Having the issued plans available on site allows the contractor to build in accordance with the reviewed design and must be accessible to the site inspector to view. 

If the permit and issued drawings are not available on site the inspection will not be completed and you will have to reschedule for a later date.

4. Contact Your Assigned Inspector for a Pre-Construction (Commencement of Construction) Meeting

The notice of commencement of construction meeting is required so that you can meet the inspector(s) assigned to your project, review any questions or concerns you may have about the project or inspection process, allow the inspector to review your construction plans and schedule, and help you understand the inspection process and stages.

It can be very helpful to discuss potential issues or concerns ahead of time instead of having to correct deficiencies after construction has started. 

The inspectors name and phone number for your project are listed under the Conditions section of the Building Permit.

5. Construct In Accordance with the Issued Drawings and Plans


Constructing in accordance with the issued drawings can prevent any unnecessary delays in the construction project and help ensure you construct in compliance to the building code regulations.

Any proposed changes to the project must be reviewed with the inspector, prior to constructing the changes, to allow the inspector to determine if a a revision to the permit is required.

6. Call to Book Inspections and Submit All Required Reports
The required inspections and reports for your project are listed on your building permit document and are specific to your project. Calling to book these inspections is a requirement of the Building Code and allows the inspector to perform the necessary inspections to review the construction for conformance with the Building Code. 

At each required inspection stage the building official must complete a site visit and provide approval to proceed to the next stage. If construction proceeds without inspections performed when necessary, you run the risk of being ordered to stop work or uncover construction so the inspections can be performed.

The inspector must also receive and review all reports listed on the permit to ensure that any professionals involved in the project have reviewed the construction and have met their legal requirements under the Building Code and other Applicable Law.

To book an inspection, contact the building inspector listed on your building permit document (conditions section). You must provide your building permit number and address to book an inspection. Please allow at least 24 hours notice.

If construction plans change and revisions are required, or if deficiencies are noted for correction by the inspector, the inspection must be rebooked and approval granted to continue on to the next stage of construction.