The Boxwood Business Campus is the City of Cambridge's newest business park. It is more than 100 acres of industrial land, with quick access to Highway 401 and major markets from Toronto to the United States.

All lots are sold or are conditionally sold at this time. 

Features of the business campus

Cambridge's Boxwood Business Campus has a number of features that make it an ideal location for many businesses.

Available Lots 
All lots in the Boxwood Business Campus are sold. 

All lots are serviced or easily serviceable with:

  • Water
  • Sanitary
  • Storm sewers
  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Telecommunications

Sites are rough graded and ready for ownership.

Sites at the Boxwood Business Campus in Cambridge currently sell for $350,000 per acre.
Boxwood Business Campus has a number of green features to make it an eco-friendly industrial campus. The campus design includes large buffers and pedestrian pathways next to wooded areas, wetlands and ponds. The road layout also allows buildings to maximize solar energy use. Energy efficient LED street lights line the sidewalks and roadways for pedestrians and vehicles.

Zoning in the Boxwood Business Campus allows general industrial uses, including light manufacturing and processing, with and without outdoor storage. This area does not allow stamping operations or stand-alone warehousing uses.

View our Zoning By-laws 55-16 and 56-15 for more information about permitted uses and zoning in the Boxwood Business Campus area.

City documents

The City documents listed below contain more detailed information about the Boxwood Business Campus. 

Reference Plan

Plan and Profile Drawings

Grading Plans

Environmental Site Assessments

Technical reports

Sewer and stormwater services
Design guidelines
Want to learn more about business development in Cambridge? Visit the  Economic Development Division's website.