Signs in the city of Cambridge must meet the regulations of the Cambridge Sign By-law, which regulates:

  • The use of signs
  • The use of other advertising materials
  • The posting of notices on buildings
  • The posting of notices on vacant lots

The By-law applies to lands within the city of Cambridge or next to any defined highway or part of a highway within the City limits.  

Sign permit

You must apply for a Sign Permit in order to erect, display or alter any sign or advertising device within the city of Cambridge. A Sign Permit certifies the Chief Building Official's approval of a sign before sign construction begins.

Apply for a permit


To apply for a Sign Permit you can either apply in person at City Hall or apply online

Please submit the following information:

  • Sign Permit application form (complete both pages)
  • Two copies of your Site Plan (plot plan)
  • Two copies of your working drawings
  • Sign installation commitment form (if required)
    • the requirement of design and review by a professional engineer, to demonstrate compliance with of Div. B., will be required for:
      • Individual projecting signs with a weight exceeding 25 kg
      • A ground sign that exceeds 1.8 m in height,
      • A projecting sign attached in amy manner to a parapet wall, 
      • A roof sign that has any face that is more than 10 square meters
  • Sign permit fees in permit fee schedule

The turn around time to issue a sign permit or provide comment as to why it could not be issued is 10 working days.



 Sign inspection

We conduct a sign inspection once installation of your sign is complete. If you completed the sign installation commitment form, you must also submit a copy of the engineer field inspection report before final inspection.

Sign variance and amendment requests

To apply for a variance or amendment to the existing sign by-law, submit an application form and  associated fee to the Community Development department at City Hall, 50 Dickson St. See full application submission requirements