Interested in making your next film project in the city of Cambridge? Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about getting a film permit in Cambridge.

When do I need a film permit?
You need a film permit if you plan to film on municipal property. If you are filming on private property, we encourage you to contact our offices to discuss your project. We can help you identify potential issues, connect you with property owners or suggest film locations you may not have considered.  If a film permit is not required, you will still need to submit a Production Information Sheet to our office to ensure we are aware of the project and can contact you if we receive concerns from the public.
How much does a film permit cost?
Film permit costs vary depending on the requirements of your project.  Contact us for more information about the cost of your permit.
Are there any other fees related to filming in Cambridge?

Depending on your film project, you may also need to pay for:

  • Parking spaces
  • Police officers for traffic control
  • Special rental fees for venues
  • Explosives experts when using pyrotechnics
Do I need to fill out any forms?
If you're considering filming in Cambridge, contact our office so we can help you determine any necessary paperwork and guide you through the film permit application process.
Do I need to inform the community where I am planning to film?
Yes, knowing about local projects is important to our success. Learning about these projects helps ensure our Council is aware of the proposal and public safety is maintained. Contact us to let us know about your film project.
Do I need special insurance to film in the city of Cambridge?
Yes, we determine the amount of liability insurance needed when we review your film permit application.
How do I book areas, such as parks and arenas?
The City of Cambridge Filming Coordinator informs the department in charge of special events to book parks or arenas needed for filming.
How do I coordinate road closures?
The City of Cambridge Filming Coordinator informs the Public Works department if your filming project requires any road closures. The Public Works department helps to coordinate these closures.
What other information should I review when planning my filming project?

Gunshots, pyrotechnics, shots of general public, street light modifications, area clean-up are just a few more items to consider when planning a film project in the city of Cambridge. The more information you can provide before we start the film permit application process the better!


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