One Year Later: Community Thank You from Mayor McGarry

Posted on Wednesday March 17, 2021

It’s difficult to believe that we are marking one year of living and working amidst a global pandemic.

It’s been a year of immeasurable loss with pivot after pivot for so many of us. Today is the one-year anniversary of the closure of City Hall; a day we did a 180 in an effort to continue to serve Cambridge.

While it’s impacted our day-to-day, the human impact is the most surreal.  We are not alone in that. We’ve had to say goodbye to loved ones, future plans, jobs and time with family. We’ve missed milestones, traditions, birthdays and anniversaries. Our kids have missed their friends, teachers and grandparents. Our small businesses have struggled. Our teachers have had to adapt, while many parents became teachers this year. I am inspired by all of you who continuously put others first.

Personally, this year has brought challenge after challenge. I know I am not alone in that. I take comfort in the work we do here at Council and Regional Council.

I continue to be impressed by our community’s collective resilience and grit. As we became more isolated, in a way, we became more connected. There have been and continue to be countless inspiring examples of the community stepping up to make a difference.

From volunteers making face masks, to people delivering meals and even businesses re-tooling to make necessary medical supplies, it is clear to me we that we are in this fight together. I find strength in knowing that. Thank you for taking care of your neighbours.

  • Thank you to staff at Cambridge Memorial Hospital and our frontline workers who have been working around the clock.
  • Thank you to our teachers, crossing guards, retail workers - so many of you have had to walk on shifting sands.
  • Thank you to our business and restaurant owners who have pivoted to new business models and continue to adapt to ever changing measures.
  • Thank you to everyone who is following public health measures to protect us all.
  • Thank you to the volunteers at our vaccination clinics
  • Thank you to our City staff for constantly adapting and continuing to provide essential services.

We now have the Lang’s vaccination site in Cambridge up and running and the Pinebush Road site will open soon.

I know the day when we can gather again is near – and for that I am grateful and hopeful.

See you soon.

- Cambridge Mayor Kathryn McGarry


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