Draining pools properly this season

Posted on Monday September 19, 2022

As you prepare to empty your pool, hot tub or other outdoor swim spa this season we ask you to not dump chlorinated water directly into our storm sewers.

“It’s important that residents understand that the water from pools and hot tubs contain chemicals that are not filtered or treated when drained into our storm sewers,” says Mike Parsons, Director of Environmental Services for the City of Cambridge. “The water goes directly into our river and can impact our environment and wildlife.”

When closing your pool or hot tub, we ask that you follow these simple guidelines:

• Dechlorinate pool or hot tub water before draining it by letting the water sit for 1-2 weeks without adding chemicals, or using dechlorination tablets
• Test your water before draining it to ensure it has reached a safe discharge level – for chlorine and bromine that is 0.1mg/L or lower
• Never drain directly into storm water sewers
• Drain water slowly on your property; if you have limited yard space you can reduce puddling and excess water by draining over a few days
• For saltwater pools – water should be hauled away by a licensed hauler or drained into your household sanitary sewer connection (like a laundry sink)

By draining your pools and hot tubs in these ways you are helping keep our water resources clean and chemical free. This benefits both us and our environment.