Budget 2020: Investing in our City, Invested in our Citizens

Posted on Tuesday November 19, 2019

The City of Cambridge released the 2020 draft Budget and Business Plan today. It can be found at cambridge.ca/budget

The 2020 budget makes important and targeted investments in our city, while responsibly managing tax dollars. The budget is the culmination of ongoing engagement on public priorities throughout the year. Again this year, we have broken down the numbers to include a summary of the operating budget, capital budget and your water utility bill in an effort to make this information more clear for residents. The document is presented in alignment with our strategic plan to clearly demonstrate how we're meeting our goals as a city.

Budget delegation night will be held in Council Chambers on December 2, 2019 at 6 p.m. Residents are invited to share their thoughts on the draft budget in person or in writing. Please visit www.cambridge.ca/delegation to register.


  • We are proposing $51.6 million of capital investment in our city’s core infrastructure – including our roads, our recreation facilities, and our parks.
  • We are moving forward on important projects like the Fountain Street Soccer Park, the new Cambridge Recreation Complex, and the Preston Auditorium expansion.
  • We are promoting an active and creative community by investing $204,000 for new and redeveloped multi-use trails, $170,000 for new play structures for Gail St Park and Northview Heights Lookout Park, and providing expanded programing.
  • Budget 2020 shows a commitment to public safety though continued investment in our Ambassador Team, fire equipment and emergency response planning, in addition to the creation of a new $200,000 traffic calming program.
  • Our new Core Areas Transformation Fund under our Business Plan will help us to drive change in Hespeler, Galt, and Preston – creating bold community-building initiatives that will help us build and sustain a vibrant community.
  • To protect our environment, we are continuing to implement the Climate Adaptation Plan, to rehabilitate and improve our storm water assets, as well as adding more additional electric charging stations.

View 2020 Budget highlights

Key Dates

November 19 – Budget released

December 2 – Public delegation (see www.cambridge.ca/budget for more details and how to register)

December 5 – Budget presentation and Budget and Audit Committee deliberation

December 9 and 12 - City Council Budget 2020 deliberations and decision