Multi-Patient Training Scenario Aligns Community Response

Posted on Thursday June 13, 2024

Cambridge, Ontario. (June 13, 2024) – On Monday, June 17, emergency crews, Grand River Transit, and student actors will take part in a multi-patient training scenario on the grounds of St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School as part of an emergency response and decontamination exercise.

The Cambridge Fire Department, Region of Waterloo Paramedic Services, Waterloo Regional Police Service, Waterloo Regional REACT, and Grand River Transit will participate in a hypothetical emergency and respond to a bus colliding with a transport truck resulting in a chemical spill impacting the community.

“Effective emergency management and preparedness rely on strong partnerships and collaboration,” said Cambridge Mayor Jan Liggett. “In times of crisis, no single entity can face the challenges alone. By working together in preparedness exercises like this, we can build responsive systems and strengthen our collective ability to respond swiftly and effectively to ensure the health and safety of our community. "

Students will participate as actors and will be assigned roles such as patient, parent, or reporter, to replicate an actual event. Every effort has been made to ensure a safe and immersive experience for all participants including, training, appropriate permissions, and information as students experience an introduction to incident response, and a potential career as an emergency responder.

The exercise aims to enhance the leadership and operational skills used by first responders in incident management.

The main exercise objectives are to:

  1. Ensure emergency response protocols are in alignment with the Provincial Incident Management Framework to protect the safety of all incident responders and those affected by the incident.
  2. Evaluate pre-decontamination and post decontamination triage process.
  3. Evaluate decontamination process using triage items such as triage tags etc.
  4. Identify coordination requirements among first responder agencies for Unified Command.
  5. A post-incident assessment of communication processes and best practices.

Scenario Event Details:

Monday, June 17, 2024, at St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School

50 Saginaw Parkway, Cambridge
Scenario Round 1 at 9 a.m.

Scenario Round 2 at 12 p.m.

Due to the high visibility of the training ground, prevalence of social media, and length of time that crews will be on site, the public is advised and reminded that this is a training scenario only. Signage, social media messages and other reminders will be posted in advance of and during the event.

Media are invited to attend.


Additional Resources

More information on Emergency Planning and Preparedness is available on the Emergency Management website.




Gina Cliffe, Assistant Deputy Chief, Cambridge Fire Department:

“Training is pivotal in enhancing the skills and preparedness of the three-tiered emergency response system so that fire, police, and paramedics can be well prepared for the most unthinkable scenarios. Collaborating with our partner agencies in a realistic simulation is essential for developing a coordinated and effective response to real-life emergencies, which ultimately strengthens the overall safety and resilience of the community.”

Jordan Figuerido, Principal, St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School:
“Partnerships between schools and local services are critical in providing students with real-world learning experiences that extend beyond traditional classroom education. By working directly with professionals in fields such as emergency response, students can better appreciate the complexities and challenges these roles entail, fostering a deeper sense of community, awareness and civic responsibility.”

John Riches, Chief, Waterloo Region Paramedic Services:

“Region of Waterloo Paramedic Services is committed to training partnerships that allow emergency services to prepare for multi-patient incidents that may occur in our community. It is through training opportunities like this that we ensure there is a multi-agency response that is well coordinated. This also provides a valuable learning opportunity for high school students, and we are deeply appreciative of the participation of the students and staff at St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School." 


Nicolaas Jonkman, Emergency Planning and Business Continuity Advisor, Waterloo Regional Police Service:

As leaders in public safety, it's imperative that we constantly refine our skills and coordination, ensuring that we're always prepared for the unexpected. Collaborative exercises like this reinforce the importance of defined responsibilities, clear communication, and effective coordination in managing crises. This multi-patient training scenario underscores our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our community and improves our readiness to respond effectively to any emergency, no matter how challenging.





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