Help the City spot potential water leaks

Posted on Wednesday July 08, 2020

Summer is the ideal time to spot potential water leaks. The dry conditions provide an opportunity to identify leaks within the city’s water distribution system through locating noticeably green grass patches.

Highly localized areas of healthy, green grass in the dry summer season can often be an indication of water leaking from underground pipes, service lines or fire hydrants. If you see signs of a potential water leak, please report them to the City.

To report a potential water leak, you can email the City of Cambridge Public Works office at

When reporting a potential water leak, please be sure to include:

  • the address of the suspected water leak
  • location of suspected water leak – for example, roadway, boulevard, front lawn, hydrant etc.
  • contact information – name, phone number

For more information, please contact public works at (519) 621-0740.