City of Cambridge, Township of North Dumfries appoint Advisory Committee to evaluate potential hydro merger

Posted on Wednesday October 07, 2020

At a joint Council meeting this evening, Councils for the City of Cambridge and the Township of North Dumfries appointed a Shareholders Strategic Advisory Committee to evaluate the potential benefits of a possible merger between Energy +Inc. with Brantford Power Inc.

The shares of Energy+ Inc. are jointly owned by the City of Cambridge (92.1%) and the Township of North Dumfries (7.9%).  The new committee is comprised of members of both Councils. It includes:

  • Councillor Derrick Ostner, Township of North Dumfries
  • Councillor Margaret McCreery, Township of North Dumfries
  • Councillor Donna Reid, City of Cambridge
  • Councillor Mike Mann, City of Cambridge
  • Councillor Shannon Adshade, City of Cambridge

Under the Terms of Reference, the Committee will explore the opportunity and provide recommendations to the Councils. The committee will review how a potential merger could impact customers, the City and Township, and the communities.

Please see the October 1 joint news release for more information and Terms of Reference.


Primary media contacts

Susanne Hiller
Director of Communications
City of Cambridge

Andrew McNeely,
Chief Administrative Officer
Township of North Dumfries