Mayor’s Statement on Cambridge Recreation Complex Vote

Posted on Tuesday June 18, 2019

I am very pleased to announce this evening that Council has decided to move ahead with a strategy for a new recreational facility in Cambridge.

I’d also like to take the time to thank the community for your time and passion for this project. Thank you also for your patience. This has been a long time in the works. However, in the end, I believe that together we have ensured the best possible path forward.

Determining the location and the programming components has been a complicated task.  Thank you to staff for their hard work and to the two community task forces who assisted with the process. Our end goal has always been focused on ensuring an affordable solution that is in the best interest of taxpayers, sports groups, youth, seniors and the community – I am confident that this is it.

As shown by staff, the City-owned South East Cambridge site is the most affordable option for a recreation complex.

This facility will include a pool, multiple gymnasiums, and a fitness track. With this location we can have work started on the site next year - far sooner than anywhere else. Additionally, the location does make sense for our community – about 27,000 people will be within a 15 minute walk of the finished recreation complex due to growth and development in the area.

By building ice facilities at Preston and at the sports park on Franklin Boulevard we will significantly reduce the project costs – while building new facilities in central locations in our city.

This will also allow us to re-invest in, and expand, our existing facilities, which will mean we will have five new or renovated facilities spread out across Preston, Galt, and Hespeler.

Feedback from our community engagement survey suggested broad support for moving forward as quickly as possible. This approach will allow all parts of our community to see the impact of this important project.

I’m very excited that this can move forward, and this decision represents a new chapter for the recreation complex and great news for our City.