City Clerk releases unofficial voting results for 2022 Waterloo Catholic District School Board Trustee Election

Posted on Friday November 25, 2022

Cambridge, Ontario. (November 25, 2022) – Cambridge City Clerk Danielle Manton has released the unofficial results for the 2022 Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) Trustee Election.

Three Trustees have been elected for the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.This election saw a voter turnout of 5.7% with 1,144 eligible voters casting a ballot online.

Below is a listing of the winners:




Waterloo Catholic District

School Board

David Guerin


Marisa Phillips


Robert Sikora


To view the Unofficial Election Summary Report, please visit:

Due to an error, the ballot for the position of WCDSB Trustee did not include all six certified candidates with two of the six being left off the ballot. To ensure the integrity of the election for the WCDSB, on October 22, 2022, the Clerk declared an emergency under section 53 of the Municipal Election Act, 1996. As a result of the declaration, all results for the WCDSB from the City of Cambridge were voided on Monday, October 24, 2022.

As per the Declaration of Emergency, on October 22, 2022, pursuant to Section 53 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, by the City Clerk/Returning Officer in the City of Cambridge (the "Declaration of Emergency"), directed that the Clerk for the Township of North Dumfries (as defined within the Declaration of Emergency), seal and secure all ballots related to the Waterloo Catholic School Board Trustees for the Township of North Dumfries.

Further, pursuant to the Declaration of Emergency, no information or results were to be shared publicly until the City of Cambridge concluded its election for the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.  

The City of Cambridge is committed to a fair and transparent election process. While not mandated by the Municipal Election Act, the City has launched a third-party review to understand how and why the error occurred and to ensure improvements towards future processes.

Costs associated with the municipal election, the resumption of the WCDSB election, and review are funded from the Election Reserve Fund. The City contributes annually to the Election Reserve Fund to support election work and preparation.

A report, including costs, is expected to be completed by the new year.