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Public Works Operations Division

This division is responsible for road construction and maintenance, weed and grass control, water and sewer construction and maintenance, water meters and hydrants. This division is also responsible for pumping station maintenance, for traffic-related maintenance and for administration of the Public Works fleet maintenance programs and facility maintenance. It also tracks departmental inventories of raw materials and equipment. For further information, please call (519) 621-0740.

On November 10, 2008, Cambridge City Council approved and endorsed the newly created Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS) Operational Plan, as developed by the City of Cambridge Public Works Department. This was in response to Justice Dennis O'Connor's recommendation in Part Two of the Walkerton inquiry requiring the adoption of a quality management system (QMS) for municipal drinking water systems. Having a DWQMS in place will be one of the steps which will ensure that City of Cambridge can operate its own water systems and the drinking water quality is not just maintained but continually improved. The DWQMS was developed with 21 elements that all Quality Management Systems must conform to, including the City of Cambridge Quality Policy.

As the owners and operators of the City of Cambridge's water distribution system we are committed to:

  • providing safe sustainable drinking water to our residents and businesses;

  • complying with applicable legislation and regulations as related to the provision of safe drinking water;

  • maintaining and continually improving our Quality Management System.

For more information on the City of Cambridge's DWQMS, please contact the Transportation and Public Works Division of the Development and Infrastructure Department at 519-621-0740.

Water works!

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