2017 Loose Leaf Collection
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Grand River Transit

For information on Grand River Transit, bus routes in the City of Cambridge and other public transportation information in the City of Cambridge, view Grand River Transit to go to the Region of Waterloo web site.


For information regarding the use of roundabouts, drivers rules, and cyclists and pedestrian information please view Roundabouts to go to the Region of Waterloo web site.

City Departments

Transportation & Public Works

The Transportation and Public Works Department is responsible for the management of the City's infrastructure. The services are provided through two divisions within the department - Engineering Services (Traffic and Parking), Public Works Operations.

Engineering Services Division

This division is responsible for the design and administration of capital projects, construction or reconstruction of roads, sidewalks, sewers and watermains, survey and inspection activities for department and corporate needs, project management and engineering services for City-owned industrial land development, transportation engineering to promote the safe and efficient movement of people and goods, parking lot operations and enforcement, the supervised school crossing program and street lighting.

Public Works Operations Division

This division is generally responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City's existing infrastructure. The core services include road maintenance, operation and maintenance of the water distribution system, operation and maintenance of the sanitary sewer collection system, and animal control services. The division is also responsible for fleet maintenance programs for all City vehicles and equipment and is responsible for the maintenance of the department's buildings/facilities.

Please note: The Region of Waterloo is responsible for the public transportation in the entire region, via Grand River Transit.

The Corporate Sustainability Plan (CSP) is an overarching, umbrella document that guides the Corporation of the City of Cambridge's actions to implement the existing and future City Master Plans and Strategic Plans. At the forefront of the planning process is the City's intent to sustainably implement its suite of existing Master and Strategic Plans that have been adopted by Council, before recommending new sustainability initiatives.

For the City of Cambridge Corporate Sustainability Plan visit Corporate Sustainability Plan (CSP)