City Departments

Planning and Development Department

The Planning and Development Department consists of three Divisions -- Development Planning, Policy Planning and Building and Enforcement Services.

The Department is responsible for developing, maintaining and updating the City's official plan and zoning by-law and enforcement of the Ontario Building Code and City by-laws. The Department reviews planning and development matters and makes recommendations to City Council on these issues. Public input is encouraged on policy and development proposals. The Building and Enforcement Services Division responds to complaints, provides a plans review service and enforces the Ontario Building Code and City by-laws. The Planning and Development Department is also involved in Special Advisory Committees to Council relating to heritage, environment and core areas revitalization.

Boards and Committees relevant to Urban Core and Planning Issues are listed in the Corporate Services Department.

The Corporate Sustainability Plan (CSP) is an overarching, umbrella document that guides the Corporation of the City of Cambridge's actions to implement the existing and future City Master Plans and Strategic Plans. At the forefront of the planning process is the City's intent to sustainably implement its suite of existing Master and Strategic Plans that have been adopted by Council, before recommending new sustainability initiatives.

For the City of Cambridge Corporate Sustainability Plan visit Corporate Sustainability Plan (CSP)