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Cambridge City Council

Cambridge City Council meets in the Council Chambers on the third floor of City Hall at 46 Dickson Street. Normally these meetings begin at 7:00pm and are held on Mondays in a three-week cycle. See the News & Events Section for the schedule of meeting dates.

Council will consider directly all tenders, quotes, contracts, proclamations, endorsements and appointments. Council may also consider any matter directly which requires immediate attention due to time constraints.

All nine (9) members set policies to govern within Cambridge. Areas under their supervision include parks and recreation, local road planning, fire protection, economic development, planning and other essential City services.

City Wards
The wards of a City are more than just its political map or blocks of votes. They provide an outline of the city's extended neighbourhoods and in some cases of its geopolitical interest groups. They can also be a reflection of the heritage of a city and particularly of its historical evolution from wilderness to urban sophistication. A particular ward might be separated from its neighbours by a geographical feature (like a river or freeway) or perhaps by the boundaries that once defined the city's once independent founding communities. It is important to note that ward boundaries are also affected by the distribution of the city's population. Occasionally it is necessary to adjust the boundaries as population shifts within the community. These adjustments are made to ensure that the city's citizens receive equal representation around the Council table.

City and Regional Councillors

For a listing of the current City and Regional Councillors, see the City Councillors and Ward Information section.

Who is my Councillor?
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To view a listing of Mayors and Councillors of the past, see the City Archives in the Public Access and Council Services Department.