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The Mayor and Council are the wellspring of authority within the municipality. They constitute the government -- as opposed to the administration -- in that they make the laws and policies which the administration is expected to carry out. The Mayor and Council function together as a sort of unicameral legislature, but free of the partisan chasms that divide legislatures at higher levels of government. It functions best when the Mayor provides leadership to Council and when Council strives to work within the consensual model.

In this section of the City of Cambridge site, we present several pages of insight into the workings of peace, order and good government in Cambridge. See the links to your left for detailed information.

From the Mayor's Office:
Welcome Message from the Mayor
How To Reach the Mayor

For Council and Standing Committee Agendas & Minutes, see the City Clerk section.

The Corporate Sustainability Plan (CSP) is an overarching, umbrella document that guides the Corporation of the City of Cambridge's actions to implement the existing and future City Master Plans and Strategic Plans. At the forefront of the planning process is the City's intent to sustainably implement its suite of existing Master and Strategic Plans that have been adopted by Council, before recommending new sustainability initiatives.

For the City of Cambridge Corporate Sustainability Plan visit Corporate Sustainability Plan (CSP)