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Sewer Blockages

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Addressing Blocked Sewers - Call Before You Fix

Cambridge is on the forefront of the implementation of this new program in Canada. The City of Cambridge wishes to advise residents of the change of procedure that ultimately impacts the turn around time of services related to blocked sewers.

Municipalities, plumbers, sewer contractors and the general public are now required to call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 before any work to unblock a sewer is performed. That means a completed 'Sewer Safety Inspection Form' is required prior to any work commencing by contractors or the City.

The sewer inspection form does not constitute a traditional locate and is not valid for excavation, digging, boring, grading, etc. The sewer 'Safety Inspection Form' is for sewer cleaning only and is valid for 30 days at no cost.

Follow the link for the New Process for Addressing Blocked Sewers - Call Before You Fix Media Release.

For more information, Union Gas
To report a natural gas emergency, please call 1-877-969-0999.

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Sewer Blockage Contact information, hours of operation, and fees. Public Works staff will investigate the location of the blockage and release/clear it after the general public has contacted Ontario One Call and have received a Safety Inspection Form. 2012-08-29 PDF 93Kb