Frequently Asked Questions


What is hazardous waste?


Household hazardous wastes include: Paints & Solvents, Lawn/Garden Chemicals, Household Chemicals, Anti-freeze/Motor Oil, Expired Medicines, Car Batteries, Waxes & Polishes, Propane Tanks, Acids & Alkalines, Ni-Cad Batteries and Syringes. Please see the Region of Waterloo web site for further information on disposal.


Transportation & Public Works Questions

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When is garbage collection/recycling collection for my street?
Where do I get a blue box for recycling?
When is the City of Cambridge Fall Leaf Collection?
If I have a question about my sewer or water billing or new service who do I call?
Who do I call regarding billing/credit/moving/meter for gas?
Who do I call regarding new phone service?
Who do I call regarding cable T.V. hook-up?
Who do I call if I have a problem with dirty water?
What should I do if I have dirty water?
Who do I call for a sewer blockage?
Where do I pay Traffic fines, i.e. Seat Belt, Speeding etc.?
Who do I call to repair/report burnt out street lights?
Who do I call to request a *new* street light installation?
Where do I apply for a Driver's and/or Vehicle license?
Who do I call to arrange for a Driver's Exam?
Where do I apply for a Parking Disability Permit?
Where do I find information on composting?
What is the phone number of the Cambridge landfill site? Where is this landfill site located?
Do I need a licence for my cat?
How do I get large items (garbage) picked up?
What is hazardous waste?
Where do I pay City of Cambridge parking tickets?
Why doesn't the City plow all sidewalks?
What happens if I fail to clear the sidewalks abutting my property of snow?
I live on a corner lot and when the snow plow turns the corner, excessive amounts of snow seems to accumulate on my driveway. Why can't the operator prevent this from happening?
Why do you have to fill in my driveway?
I try to keep sidewalks shovelled but the snow plows fill in the sidewalks when they plow the streets. What can I do?
I live on a small local street. Why does it seem that our street is always the last street plowed?
I'm a senior citizen and/or have health issues that prevents me from clearing my sidewalk. What can the City do to help me keep my sidewalks clear?
I have cleared my sidewalk but my neighbour has not. What can you do to get people to shovel their sidewalks?
Why does the City place yellow boxes filled with sand along some City streets?
Why doesn't the City apply salt on my street?
Why do the plows go so fast and throw snow on my sidewalk?
Why isn't sand used more often to reduce the amount of salt used?
I'm concerned about the environment. Why don't you do more plowing and less sand and salt?
My driveway was filled in by the snow plow right after I shovelled t out. Who is going to come and shovel it back out for me?
Why is Hespeler Road clear and bare any my cul de sac has not been plowed once?
My street is covered in snow, but one street over is salted. Why do they get a higher level of service than I do?
Why can't I shovel the snow back on the street - the snow came from the street?
Is fluoride added to the municipal water supply in the City of Cambridge?
Why is the City no longer taking care of weeds and grass cutting on so many public areas?