Frequently Asked Questions

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Top 5 Questions

How much time does volunteering take?
What is the cost of the Cambridge Business and Industrial Directory?
Do I need special insurance to film in the City of Cambridge?
Do I have to coordinate road closures with the regional police to film in Cambridge?
Filming in Cambridge - Frequently Asked Questions about permits, fees and contact information.

FAQs by City Department

  • Community Services
    The Community Services Department, works to ensure recreation facilities, programs and consultation services are provided for the citizens of Cambridge.
  • Economic Development
    Whether relocating, expanding or forging new opportunity, Cambridge is a great place to do business.
  • Mayor & City Council
    The Mayor and Council are the wellspring of authority within the municipality.
  • Development and Infrastructure
    Development and Infrastructure
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer
    Office of the Chief Financial Officer - Accounting & Finance, Application Forms, Water Billing, Purchasing Services, Taxation, Realty and Croporate Property Services.
  • City Clerk
    The City Clerk is the secretary of the municipality, responsible for all manner of record-keeping throughout the administration.
  • Fire Department
    Save Lives, Prevent Injury, Protect Property
  • Office of the City Manager
    The City Manager is responsible to City Council for the general management of the civic administration and for the conduct of the business affairs of the Corporation.
  • Corporate Services
    The Corporate Services Department brings together administrative services that support the work of Council, management and staff, as well as the City Archives and Farmers' Market.