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Francis Stewart Scott

Francis Stewart Scott

Inducted 2000

Described as "one of Galt's most outstanding men in point of public service and industrial development", Francis Stewart Scott was born in Galt on 23 Aug 1879. He was the grandson of James Scott and the son of Frank A. Scott, a local contractor and planning mill operator, and Mary Stewart.
Mr Scott graduated from the Galt Collegiate Institute and started his industrial career in 1897 when he went to work for the Galt Knitting Co. He remained there until 1899 when he went into partnership with Edwin J. Getty in the shoe manufacturing business. In 1906 the firm of Getty & Scott Shoe Co. Ltd was incorporated and in 1912 Mr Scott became the sole proprietor when he acquired Mr Getty's interests in the company, which then became the Scott Shoe Co. The company produced "The Classic Shoe", a product recognized throughout Canada. At about this time, he acquired an interest in and became president of Scott-Chamberlain Ltd, later Scott-McHale Ltd, shoe manufacturers in London, Ontario.

In 1911, Mr Scott became one of the founders and a member of the first Board of Directors of Canadian Motors Ltd. That first year, the company produced a reliable car that compared favourably with its American competitors. Unfortunately the company did not have the home grown engineering expertise required to keep pace with improvements introduced by the American giants and, with orders drying up, the company was forced to close. Its assets were sold to the Galt Motor Co., a small local company that then began production of the gas/electric powered "Galt" car.

Mr Scott was a member of the Galt municipal council serving as a councillor in 1907 and 1908, as reeve from 1909 to 1911 and as mayor in 1912 and 1913. He was also a member of Waterloo County council from 1908 to 1911 and was Waterloo County reeve in 1910 and 1911. Mr Scott played an important part in the inauguration and development of the hydro-electric system in this area and in Ontario. During the early years of development of electrical power in the province, Mr Scott spoke in many places in Ontario at the request of Sir Adam Beck, the head of the Ontario Hydro Electric Commission. With George Hancock Jr, Mr Scott was among the most aggressive promoters of hydro in Galt when they were on municipal council together.

Mr Scott entered federal politics in 1915 when he was elected to replace George A. Clare, who had represented South Waterloo since 1900. Mr Scott was re-elected in 1917 as a supporter of the Union Government of Robert Borden and remained in the House of Commons until 1921, when he was defeated by William Elliott. Mr Scott retired from active politics until 1937 when he unsuccessfully contested the South Waterloo seat in the provincially election.

Mr Scott once served as president of the Galt Board of Trade in 1911 and served a term as president of the Canadian Shoe Manufacturers' Association. Mr Scott was also a member of the first Board of Directors of The Galt Club, a social club for Galt's merchants, businessmen and manufacturers. An avid horseman, Mr Scott also served as president of the Canadian Trotting Association. Mr Scott died on 13 Feb 1943 and is buried in Mount View Cemetery.

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