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Hall of Fame Members

The Cambridge Hall of Fame will be closed until the end of 2014 due to the upcoming municipal election. It will reopen in 2015. The Cambridge Archives and Records Centre apologizes for any inconvenience.

The City of Cambridge established its Hall of Fame in 1994. It was created for the purpose of remembering and honouring those men, women and organizations who through their work and dedication have either made our community a better place in which to live or brought renown to the city through their deeds abroad. The first inductees were named in February of 1995 and there are now more than 100 members enshrined in the Cambridge Hall of Fame.

New candidates are nominated annually by members of the community. All nominations are reviewed by a selection committee consisting of the Cambridge Archives Board along with members from the general public and any member of the Cambridge Hall of Fame who wishes to participate.

Hall of Fame nomination forms are available for download below and are available throughout the year. The Cambridge Archives and Records Centre is now accepting nominations for 2015. The deadline for nominations is Friday March 27, 2015. Inductees will be announced at a special ceremony to be held in June of 2015. The Cambridge Hall of Fame is located at the City of Cambridge Archives, 46 Dickson Street. For further information contact, Lynn Griggs at the Cambridge Archives and Records Centre 519.740.4680 ext. 4621 or

Here is the current roster:

Bernice Adams (2004)
Thomas Alison (1999)
Germano Bairos (2012)
Ewart Andrew Bartley (2000)
Reverend John Bayne (1995)
Jessie Louise Beattie (1995)
Clara Bernhardt (2002)
Richard Blain (2004)
Wilfred Blum (2005)
Rev. Canon Michael Boomer (2002)
Winfield Brewster (2000)
Andrew J. Brewster (2000)
Cliff Bricker (1998)
Fred Budd (1997)
Alexander Burnett (2005)
Manual Cabral (1997)
John C. Cairns (2004)
Alan C. Cairns (2003)
David Edward Carse (June 5, 2013)
Janet Carter (2005)
George A. Clare ( 2005)
James Cowan (1996)
Jennie Cowan (2005)
Lyn Cross (2003)
Col. Gordon "Don" Dailley (2002)
Martha "Marty" Deacon (June 11, 2014)
Honourable William Dickson (1995)
William Dixon (2008)
Cyrus Dolph (1995)
George Egoff (2000)
Sheila Egoff (1998)
Horace Aylmer Elliott (2008)
John Erb (1995)
James Esson (1995)
Frank Ferguson (2002)
George Duthie Forbes (1997)
George Alexander "Alex" Forbes (2002)
James Roy Francis (1999)
Galt Little Theatre (2003)
Galt Terriers & Cambridge Hornets Hockey Clubs (1995)
Elizabeth Gibson (2002)
Elizabeth "Mother" Gress
Peter Gzowski (2002)
George Hancock Jr (1997)
George Heggie (1996)
Twyla Hendry (2003)
Jacob Hespeler (1995)
Percy R. Hilborn (2002)
Norman "Normie" Himes (1996)
Norman O. Hipel (1999)
Karl Homuth (2003)
Otto Homuth (2003)
Dr. Rowena Hume (2012)
IMAX Founders (2003)
Roy Johnston (1996)
Dr. Otto Julius Klotz (1999)
Otto Klotz (1996)
Reverend Robert E. Knowles (1997)
William A. Kribs (1999)
Louis Lacourse Lang (2006)
Gertrude Lang ( 2006)
Don Laurence (2004)
Elliot Law (1998)
James Paris Lee (2004)
Hugh McCulloch (2001)
William McFadyen (1998)
Nora McGrigor (1997)
Duncan McIntosh (2005)
Frederick Mellish (2004)
Claudette Millar (June 11, 2014)
John Albert Moffat (2004)
J. Mel Moffatt (2003)
Ab Morton (1997)
Michael Valentine (Val) O'Donovan (June 5, 2013)
David Norman Panabaker (2003)
Marilyn Parkinson-Crump (June 11, 2014)
George Pattinson (1995)
Dr. Joseph Radford (2002)
Robert "Scottie" Rankine (1996)
Allan Reuter (1997)
Billy Reynolds (1997)
Preston Rivulettes Hockey Team (1996)
Patricia "Pat" Rosebrugh (June 11, 2014)
Max Saltsman (2001)
Sarah Savage (2005)
Laurence Melville Savage (2001)
Robert Scott (2003)
Francis Stewart Scott (2000)
Preston Scout House Band (1997)
Absalom Shade (1995)
Donald McQueen Shaver (1997)
W. A. "Andy" Spalding (2003)
Lt-Col Arthur Sparks (1998)
David Spiers (1998)
Martin Stinton (2001)
William Struck (2004)
Lida Bell Pearson Sturdy (1995)
Jill Summerhayes (2006)
Marion Tait (2004)
William Tales (2006)
William Tassie (1995)
Andrew Taylor (2001)
Thomas Todd (1998)
Tim Turow (2001)
Ralph Walker (2000)
Adam Warnock (1996)
Amelia Beers Warnock (2004)
George "Earl" Werstine (1999)
Len Wheeler (1997)
Arthur White, QC (2001)
Thomas Hilliard Wholton (1998)
Katherine Langdon Wilks (1998)
Ford I. Willson (2004)
Hon. James Young (1995)