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Auction of Surplus Items

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The following is a list of current City of Cambridge surplus items now being sold at auction. See Bidding Instructions (bottom of page) for more information on the City of Cambridge bidding process.

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    There are currently no items to bid on.

Bidding Instructions:

  1. You must first be registered and logged in to participate in any City of Cambridge auction.
  2. Please note that by placing a bid you are making a contract between you and the seller. Once you place a bid, you may not retract it. It is illegal to win an auction and not purchase the item. In other words, if you don't want to pay for it, don't bid!
  3. Select an auction item from the list of current auctions by clicking on the associated Item Name (link). You will then be redirected to an auction details page where you will find additional information about the selected item.
  4. If you wish to bid on the item, enter the amount (in Canadian dollars) in the field provided and click the "Bid Now" button. You can bid in dollar and cent amounts, however, please note that if a bid has already been placed, your bid must be at least $1.00 higher than the last bid.
  5. The page will reload, displaying the new "current bid" amount. You will receive immediate feedback if your bid was not the highest, allowing you to adjust your bid.
  6. Monitor the auction and modify your bid as desired until the closing date/time has been reached. If you are the highest bidder upon the closing of the auction, you are obligated to pay the amount of your bid, and possibly the transportation expenses if stated in the item description.
  7. The Auction will be restarted from the beginning in the event of human error, power or internet problems with the City server running this site.

Conditions of Tender and Sale:

  1. Equipment sold "AS IS" without warranty. The City of Cambridge will not be liable for costs to repair item(s) sold.
  2. Removal of item(s) shall be the sole responsibility of the buyer. Removal of item(s) must be completed within one (1) week of notification of successful bid. Any damage to City property caused by the removal of these items will be charged to the purchaser.
  3. The City of Cambridge will not be responsible for the collection of any applicable taxes.
  4. Cash, cheque made payable to the City of Cambridge or Visa/Mastercard will be accepted as payment prior to removal of the equipment by the successful bidder.
  5. The City reserves the right to remove any item that may be needed for its own use before the closing time.

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