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Kevin Rigby Williams being photographed by Judee Richardson Schofield

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June 21 Youth Events for Skateboarding and Biking

2014 skateboarding event

2014 biking event

International Youth Week - 2014

National Youth Week, which runs annually is a week dedicated to the celebration of youth and their active participation in their community. 2014 National Youth Week event details

Youth Appreciation Awards

Celebrating youth in our community.
2014 Youth Appreciation Awards nomination package
2014 nomination form

Youth Friendly Community
Cambridge was awarded a Youth Friendly Community Recognition Award through Playworks - The Ontario Partnership for Active Youth! A youth friendly community is one that actively supports and provides opportunities for the growth and development through play for youth aged 13 to 19 years of age. Play can include but is not limited to - recreation, sport, leisure, arts, drama, civic engagement, youth activism, volunteerism, social clubs and youth leadership.

WE NEED YOUR VOICE - Join one of our City of Cambridge committees and have your voice heard
Youth Advisory Committee of Council

The mission of the Cambridge Youth Advisory Committee of Council is to represent, engage and connect youth in the City of Cambridge and to bring forth recommendations to staff and City Council pertaining to the enhancement of youth lives in Cambridge.

Students Promoting the Arts

The purpose of Students Promoting the Arts is to provide opportunities for the youth of Cambridge to showcase their talents in the arts. SPTA also provides a venue for local youth to meet and participate in the arts.

Rock the Mill

Rock the Mill provides an opportunity for local youth to perform as well as to provide an entertaining showcase of music for the community.
Rock the Mill works with community organizations and agencies to enhance and promote the music and cultural opportunities for youth in Cambridge

Skateboarding Program Information
Skateboard Apprentice - for experienced skateboard rides who are interested in using their skills while developing supervision and leadership.
This program offers the apprentice an opportunity to assist our staffed instructors during lessons. For more info., contact Youth Initiatives (519) 740-4681 ext. 4369.

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