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Bob McMullen Linear Trail

(3.2km)- stonedust

General Information - The Bob McMullen Linear Trail (located in the Preston section of Cambridge) is a natural trail of manicured stonedust, winding along a broad, open floodplain from Hamilton St. to Preston Auditorium.

The confluence of the Grand and Speed Rivers provides panoramic views and excellent bird watching opportunities. Species sighted include the Great Blue Heron, Osprey, numerous ducks, Red-Tailed Hawk, and the occasional Bald Eagle. Birds about the Confluence Brochure

A variety of butterflies are also prevalent, included the rare Tawny Emperor.

This trail travels along the site of the original Mennonite Meeting House, Jacob Hespeler Raceway and the Rock Springs Brewery. Bob McMullen Linear Trail Brochure
Bob McMullen Linear Trail
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Bob McMullen Linear Trail Map

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