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Sportsfield Closures

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Field closures are updated on a daily basis between 3pm and 3:30 pm each day and are based on the conditions at that time. Inclement weather or emergency maintenance closures can occur at anytime and without warning. If a field is closed, when you arrive, please respect that the field had been closed to ensure the continuity of play throughout the season.

Failure to adhere to field closure postings will result in the cancellation of any future bookings and the group will be charged for all costs incurred to repair the damaged field.

It would be greatly appreciated, if a field has not been closed when you arrive, and the field is in an unplayable state for you to enjoy the use of the field, please stay off the field, contact our booking staff, and they will be happy to credit you for your booked time.


Due to wet field conditions, all sports fields across the city‎ with the exception of the artificial field at Jacob Hespeler are closed for today, October 27, 2017

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