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2013 - 2017 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan - aoda 2013-2017 Multi-year City of Cambridge Accessibility Plan 2015-03-12 PDF 598Kb
2011 Accessibility Plan - aoda 2011 City of Cambridge Accessibility Plan 2015-03-12 PDF 184Kb
ACCESS Cambridge Newsletter City of Cambridge's ACCESS Cambridge Newsletter 2015-02-20 PDF 60Kb
PAL Card Information Brochure Brochure outlining information on the City of Cambridge's PAL (Personal Assistant for Leisure) card. 2015-02-18 PDF 224Kb
2015 Jump Start Application Application form for partrons to submit for the 2015 Jump Start program. 2015-02-18 PDF 139Kb
Cambridge Ice Hounds Cambridge Ice Hounds special hockey program for all ages. 2014-09-05 PDF 171Kb
Cambridge Accessibility Advisory Committee Terms of Reference Terms of Reference for the City of Cambridge's Accessibility Advisory Committee 2014-08-21 PDF 15Kb
Sustainable Procurement Policy City of Cambridge's Sustainable Procurement Policy 2014-08-21 PDF 34Kb
Cambridge Barrier Free Statement of Practice Corporation of the City of Cambridge's Barrier Free Statement of Practice 2014-08-14 PDF 57Kb
Accessible Customer Service Policy Document outlining the City of Cambridge's Accessible Customer Service Policy 2014-08-13 PDF 44Kb
2015 Information Package 2015 document regarding the information required for 2015 Inclusion Services participants. 2014-04-29 PDF 123Kb
PAL Card City of Cambridge Personal Assistant for Leisure (PAL) card application. 2014-04-28 PDF 50Kb
Leisure Buddy Application 2014 City of Cambridge Leisure Buddy Application 2014-03-11 PDF 76Kb
Community Inclusion Recognition Award - Nomination Form 2013 Community Inclusion Recognition Award Nomination Form 2013-09-26 PDF 117Kb
Community Inclusion Recognition Award 2013 Community Inclusion Recognition Award 2013-09-26 PDF 79Kb
Activities Guide
Activities Guide Promo Ad aoda Activities Guide advertisement 2015-03-05 PDF 1373Kb
2015 Spring Arts and Culture 2015 Spring Arts and Culture Activities Guide Info. 2015-03-03 PDF 1876Kb
2015 Spring Activities Guide Youth Info. 2015 Spring Activities Guide Youth Info 2015-02-23 PDF 520Kb
2015 Spring Activities Guide Inclusion Services Information 2015 Spring Inclusion Services Information 2015-02-23 PDF 19Kb
2015 Spring Registration Information and Forms 2015 Spring Activities Guide Registration Info 2015-02-20 PDF 550Kb
2015 Spring Activities Guide Adult & 50+ Recreation/ Fitness 2015 Spring Activities Guide Adult & 50+ Recreation/Fitness 2015-02-20 PDF 1386Kb
2015 Spring Activities Guide Children's Programs 2015 Spring Activities Guide Childrens Program Information 2015-02-20 PDF 1063Kb
2015 Spring Aquatic Leadership Courses 2015 Spring Aquatic Leadership Courses 2015-02-20 PDF 43Kb
2015 Spring Volunteering 2015 Spring Volunteering 2015-02-20 PDF 4214Kb
2015 Spring Recreational Swims listing of 2015 Spring recreational swims 2015-02-20 PDF 52Kb
2015 Spring Neighbourhood Association Info. 2015 Spring neighbourhood association info. 2015-02-20 PDF 1852Kb
2015 Spring Activities Guide City Services 2015 Spring Activities Guide City Services 2015-02-20 PDF 4541Kb
2015 Spring Sports 2015 Spring sports 2015-02-20 PDF 87Kb
2015 Spring Swim Lessons for WG Johnson Information regarding the 2015 spring swim lessons at WG Johnson 2015-02-20 PDF 396Kb
2015 Spring WG Johnson Centre Programs 2015 Spring WG Johnson Centre Rec Programs 2015-02-20 PDF 829Kb
2015 Spring John Dolson Recreation Program 2015 Spring John Dolson Rec Programs 2015-02-20 PDF 282Kb
2015 Spring Swim Lessons at John Dolson 2015 Spring swim lessons at John Dolson 2015-02-20 PDF 398Kb
2015 Spring - Summer Playgrounds Listing of Summer Playground information as included in the 2015 Spring Activities Guide 2015-02-20 PDF 104Kb
2015 Spring Special Events 2015 Spring Special events 2014-02-20 PDF 3844Kb
Arts and Culture
Arts Connect Cambridge Funding Application 2014 application information for Arts Connect Cambridge Funding 2013-12-16 PDF 215Kb
Downtown Stroll brochure   2011-09-09 PDF 5187Kb
Grandviews brochure   2011-09-09 PDF 2251Kb
Public Art Brochure - River Walk This brochure depicts various art installations in and around Cambridge, Ontario. 2011-08-24 PDF 2131Kb
Executive Summary for Cambridge Arts Culture Master Plan The Executive Summary for the 2009 Cambridge Arts and Culture Master Plan. 2009-05-05 PDF 3597Kb
Cambridge Arts Culture Master Plan To assist the City in its planning and to develop a better understanding of the needs of its residents and the needs of the cultural community, Cambridge engaged TCI Management Consultants (in collaboration with the St. Clements Group Inc. and Steven Thorne Consulting) to develop an arts and culture strategic plan, after a public tender process. 2009-04-07 PDF 5705Kb
Cambridge Sculpture Garden Brochure   2009-02-11 PDF 867Kb
Awards/Scholarships/Grants etc.
Municipal Grants - Grants to Groups Policy - aoda Document outlining the criteria for application to the 'Grants to Groups' program in Cambridge. 2015-03-12 PDF 105Kb
Youth Achievement Awards nomination form nomination form 2015-03-12 PDF 409Kb
2014 Bernice Adams Awards Nomination Form Nomination form for the the 2014 Annual Bernice Adams Awards 2014-05-22 PDF 1296Kb
Arts and Cultural Recognition - Group artist - 2014 2014 application form for Arts and Cultural recognition for a group. 2014-05-07 PDF 587Kb
Arts and Cultural Recognition - Individual Artist - 2014 Arts and Cultural Recognition form for Individual Artist - 2014 2014-05-07 PDF 598Kb
Bernice Adams Memorial Awards Hall of Fame Bernice Adams Awards Hall of Fame 2014-05-06 PDF 37Kb
2014 Bernice Adams Awards Guidelines Guidelines for submitting to the 2014 Bernice Adams Awards 2014-05-06 PDF 61Kb
2014 Bernice Adams Memorial Awards Bursary Form Bursary application form for the 2014 Bernice Adams Memorial Awards 2014-05-06 PDF 73Kb
2014 Youth Appreciation Awards Nomination Pkg. Information regarding the 2104 youth appreciation awards 2014-04-09 PDF 484Kb
Bill Struck Scholarship Information/Application   2013-05-22 PDF 50Kb
2013 Sports Awards Nomination Form - Athlete/Team of the Year   2013-02-26 PDF 120Kb
2013 Nomination Form for Sports Organization of the Year   2013-02-26 PDF 84Kb
2013 Nomination Form for Sports Contributor of the Year   2013-02-26 PDF 119Kb
2013 Nomination Form - High School Team of the Year   2013-02-26 PDF 117Kb
Athletic Achievement Application Form - Individual Athletic Achievement Application Form - Individual 2012-11-23 PDF 39Kb
Athletic Achievement Application Form - Sports Team Athletic Achievement Application Form - Team 2012-11-23 PDF 40Kb
Arthur White Sports Bursary Fund Application   2010-11-29 PDF 74Kb
Christmas in Cambridge
2014 Christmas in Cambridge Sponsors Listing of all the sponsors for the 2014 Christmas in Cambridge events. 2014-11-27 PDF 2121Kb
2013 sponsors list of sponsors for the 2013 Christmas in Cambridge events 2013-12-02 PDF 997Kb
Christmas in Cambridge Online Volunteer Application Form   2011-09-23 PDF 64Kb
Christmas in Cambrige - Volunteer Application Form Christmas in Cambrige - Volunteer Application Form 2010-09-22 PDF 64Kb
CORAL Recreation Programs and Online Registration
How do I register for a course   2014-07-31 PDF 54Kb
Other Policies - Refund, Cancellation, Postponement   2014-07-31 PDF 73Kb
Membership purchase using CORAL   2014-07-31 PDF 90Kb
How do I search for a course CORAL program search 2014-07-31 PDF 90Kb
What if I don't have, or don't want to use a credit card?   2014-07-30 PDF 90Kb
CORALFAQ   2014-07-09 PDF 52Kb
Facility List   2013-08-20 PDF 49Kb
I am a new customer   2013-08-20 PDF 64Kb
Accommodation Contact Information   2011-05-06 PDF 50Kb
Photography Guidelines Coral - Swimming Photography Guidelines 2011-02-03 PDF 78Kb
I am unable to sign in   2010-10-10 PDF 48Kb
Is there a fee to use Coral? Coral, fee 2010-10-04 PDF 83Kb
Membership expires before course start date   2010-10-04 PDF 47Kb
How to withdraw from course   2010-10-04 PDF 47Kb
How to transfer from course   2010-10-04 PDF 47Kb
How to tell if waitlisted CORAL online registration 2010-10-04 PDF 48Kb
Registration Start Dates   2010-10-04 PDF 47Kb
Will I receive confirmation in mail   2010-10-04 PDF 47Kb
How to know if spot after waitlisted   2010-10-04 PDF 48Kb
What if the participant is not the correct age   2010-10-04 PDF 47Kb
Activities for less   2010-10-04 PDF 47Kb
I forgot my client ID   2010-10-04 PDF 48Kb
Can I register for program already started   2010-10-04 PDF 47Kb
Change my address   2010-10-04 PDF 47Kb
How to know position on waitlist   2010-10-04 PDF 47Kb
Add a family member   2010-10-04 PDF 47Kb
Can I change my account PIN   2010-10-04 PDF 48Kb
What email address to provide   2010-10-04 PDF 45Kb
What browser do I need to use CORAL   2010-10-04 PDF 45Kb
Register someone from another family.pdf   2010-10-04 PDF 47Kb
2015 Carrefour Soleil French Playground Calendar aoda The 2015 Carrefour Soleil summer playground calendar in aoda format. 2015-03-25 PDF 256Kb
2015 Dickson Arena Summer Playground Calendar aoda The 2015 Dickson Arena summer playground calendar in aoda format 2015-03-25 PDF 262Kb
2015 Duncan McIntosh Summer Playground Calendar aodo The 2015 Duncan McIntosh Summer Playground calendar in aoda format. 2015-03-25 PDF 264Kb
2015 Galt Arena Summer Playground Calendar aoda The 2015 Galt Arena Summer Playground calendar in aoda format. 2015-03-25 PDF 254Kb
2015 Hespeler Arena Summer Playground Calendar aoda The 2015 Hespeler Arena Summer Playground calendar in aoda format. 2015-03-25 PDF 259Kb
2015 Moffat Creek Summer Playground Calendar aoda The 2015 Moffat Creek summer playground calendar in aoda format. 2015-03-25 PDF 255Kb
2015 Preston Auditorium Summer Playground aoda The 2015 Preston Auditorium summer playground calendar in aoda format 2015-03-25 PDF 255Kb
2015 Youth Events/Information - aoda A listing for youth of various events and awards taking place within 2015. 2015-03-16 PDF 105Kb
Community Gardens Policy - aoda Community Gardens Policy that was approved by Cambridge City Council on November 14, 2011. 2015-03-12 PDF 25Kb
Energy Consumption & Greenhouse Emissions Reporting for 2011 - aoda Document showing the energy consumption and greenhouse emissions for the year 2011. 2015-03-12 PDF 361Kb
Tree Management Guidelines and Policies - aoda For development and planning applications. 2015-03-12 PDF 364Kb
Skateboard and Bike Parks in Cambridge Listing, with photos, of Cambridge skateboard and bike parks 2015-03-11 PDF 192Kb
2015 Playground Info Detailed information regarding the 2015 summer playground programs offered by the City of Cambridge. 2015-03-10 PDF 226Kb
2015 LIT Flyer Flyer with details for hiring of 2015 Leaders in Training for the City of Cambridge. 2015-03-03 PDF 193Kb
50+ Newsletter April May June 2015 A newsletter prepared for 50 plus members that covers Cambridge information for the months of April May June 2015. 2015-02-25 PDF 3863Kb
2015 Summer Playground Parent Handbook Information for parents about the City of Cambridge 2015 summer playgrounds 2015-02-24 PDF 244Kb
2015 John Dolson Centre March Break Program Calendar Calendar outlining the programs taking place during 2015 March Break at the John Dolson Centre 2015-01-16 PDF 335Kb
2014 Urban Forest Plan Survey   2015-01-15 PDF 1308Kb
2015 Millrace - Wedding Reservation Form   2014-12-22 PDF 87Kb
2015 Activities for Less Subsidy Program Application form for the 2015 Activities for Less subsidy program. 2014-12-04 PDF 186Kb
Waiver Form Liability waiver required when participants taking part in various recreational youth events throughout the year. 2014-10-14 PDF 14Kb
Ted Wake Lounge flyer flyer outlining Ted Wake Lounge (Johnson Centre) programs/activities 2014-09-17 PDF 245Kb
CORAL Online Registration Info. CORAL Help file 2014-07-08 PDF 52Kb
Trees in Cambridge A summary of the canopy assessment, tree inventory, and urban forest plan process for Cambridge. 2014-03-13 PDF 1073Kb
Tree Planting Variety List   2014-02-07 PDF 93Kb
Urban Canopy Assessment Report - Part 2 Mapbook 2014-01-20 PDF 22551Kb
Urban Canopy Assessment Report - Part 1 Urban Canopy Assessment Report 2014-01-17 PDF 3614Kb
Emerald Ash Borer Management Strategy Report to Council 2014-01-17 PDF 3409Kb
City of Cambridge GHG Reduction (Energy Management) Plan - aoda   2013-12-18 PDF 1458Kb
Swim Level Comparison Chart Chart that compares various swim levels 2012-11-12 PDF 226Kb
What Trees Grow Best.... Document that outlines what trees grow best in which areas. 2012-11-06 PDF 4232Kb
Activity Charter Document outlining Cambridge's Activity Charter 2011-12-14 PDF 627Kb
Public Art Policy - C.30.140 City of Cambridge's Policy regarding public art 2011-07-13 PDF 106Kb
Multi-purpose Sports and Entertainment Feasibility Study - complete report   2011-07-05 PDF 2309Kb
Multi-purpose Sports and Entertainment Feasibility Study - executive summary   2011-07-05 PDF 1285Kb
Trumpeter Swans at Franklin Pond The citizens of Cambridge and those adjacent to the Franklin Pond area of Cambridge are very fortunate to have the trumpeter swans and other wild waterfowl to observe in their own "backyards". Please respect that the birds are wild and should not be approached, disturbed or fed. 2010-07-26 PDF 95Kb
City of Cambridge Spray Pad Locations Spray Pads 2010-05-19 PDF 65Kb
Master Plan 2002 to 2022 - 5 Year Review (2008-2013) 5 Year Review (2008-2013) of Master Plan 2002 to 2022 2010-02-04 PDF 620Kb
Master Plan for Parks Recreation and Open Space - 2002 - 2022 Master Plan for Parks Recreation and Open Space 2002 2022 2010-02-04 PDF 439Kb
Friendly Visiting Program Brochure Brochure 2010-01-19 PDF 378Kb
Community Services - Key Responsibilities Key Responsibilities 2009-06-22 DOC 693Kb
Maps - Sportsfields
Sports Field Maps - Full package of all facility maps   2009-08-18 PDF 1551Kb
Sportsfield Maps - Index   2009-08-18 PDF 61Kb
Sports Field Maps - Central West Area   2009-08-18 PDF 424Kb
Sports Field Maps - Cambridge North   2009-08-18 PDF 339Kb
Sports Field Maps - Central East   2009-08-18 PDF 303Kb
Sports Field Maps - South West   2009-08-18 PDF 386Kb
Sports Field Maps - South East   2009-08-18 PDF 341Kb
DECARO PARK   2009-07-23 PDF 2006Kb
DOMM PARK   2009-07-23 PDF 2014Kb
WEAVER PARK   2009-07-23 PDF 1858Kb
SOPER PARK   2009-07-21 PDF 2075Kb
ST. ANDREWS PARK   2009-07-21 PDF 2030Kb
STUDIMAN PARK   2009-07-21 PDF 1856Kb
STURDY PARK   2009-07-21 PDF 2006Kb
THOMPSON PARK   2009-07-21 PDF 2042Kb
TOWN CENTRE   2009-07-21 PDF 2029Kb
TWIN CEDARS PARK   2009-07-21 PDF 1934Kb
VARDON PARK   2009-07-21 PDF 2000Kb
VICTORIA PARK (HESPELER)   2009-07-21 PDF 1950Kb
VICTORIA PARK (GALT)   2009-07-21 PDF 1976Kb
W.S.McVITTIE PARK   2009-07-21 PDF 1971Kb
WATERWORKS PARK   2009-07-21 PDF 2042Kb
WEAVER PARK   2009-07-21 PDF 1858Kb
WILLARD PARK   2009-07-21 PDF 1984Kb
WITMER PARK   2009-07-21 PDF 2014Kb
WOODLAND PARK   2009-07-21 PDF 2452Kb
HILLVIEW PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 2016Kb
HILLCREST PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 1964Kb
JACOBS LANDING   2009-07-20 PDF 1908Kb
JOHN ERB PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 2001Kb
LINCOLN PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 1983Kb
LAWRENCE ST PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 1993Kb
LINEAR PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 2109Kb
LIONS CAN AMERA PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 2015Kb
MILL RUN TRAIL   2009-07-20 PDF 2109Kb
MILL RACE PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 2003Kb
MORVA ROUSE PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 1989Kb
MOFFATT WOODLOT   2009-07-20 PDF 2074Kb
MOYERS BLAIR LANDING   2009-07-20 PDF 1990Kb
OTTO KLOTZ PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 1989Kb
PERBECK PARKETTE   2009-07-20 PDF 1945Kb
PORTUGESE MONUMENT   2009-07-20 PDF 1795Kb
QUEENS SQUARE   2009-07-20 PDF 1854Kb
QUEENS SQUARE   2009-07-20 PDF 1854Kb
RAVINE PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 2001Kb
RIVERVIEW WOODLOT   2009-07-20 PDF 1999Kb
RIVERBLUFFS PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 2052Kb
RIVERSIDE PARK (PRESTON)   2009-07-20 PDF 2046Kb
SANTA MARIA PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 2038Kb
SAULT PARKETTE   2009-07-20 PDF 1965Kb
SCHIEDEL WOODLOT   2009-07-20 PDF 1990Kb
SCULPTURE GARDENS   2009-07-20 PDF 1897Kb
SILVERHEIGHTS PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 2039Kb
SIM COURT PARK   2009-07-20 PDF 1970Kb
BYTON LANE PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 1992Kb
CIVIC PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 1955Kb
CYRUS ST PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 1994Kb
CRESCENT PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 1913Kb
CHURCHILL PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 2000Kb
CENTRAL PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 2047Kb
CENTENNIAL PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 1970Kb
DALTON COURT   2009-07-17 PDF 1884Kb
DECARO PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 2006Kb
DELTA PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 1862Kb
DICKSON PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 2038Kb
DOMM PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 2014Kb
DYCK PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 1919Kb
EAST BANK LEVEE   2009-07-17 PDF 1984Kb
ELGIN ST TOT LOT   2009-07-17 PDF 1924Kb
FAIRLAKE PARKETTE   2009-07-17 PDF 1967Kb
FORBES PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 1951Kb
FOUNDERS POINT   2009-07-17 PDF 1992Kb
FRASER WOODLOT   2009-07-17 PDF 1979Kb
GAIL ST PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 1902Kb
GORDON CHAPLIN PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 2030Kb
GORE PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 1977Kb
GRAND RIVER ACCESS   2009-07-17 PDF 1971Kb
GRANDRIDGE ACCESS   2009-07-17 PDF 2032Kb
GREENWAY PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 1994Kb
GRILLS PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 2008Kb
HANCOCK PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 1979Kb
HEISE PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 1926Kb
HESPELER MILL POND   2009-07-17 PDF 2044Kb
HESPELER WOODLOT   2009-07-17 PDF 2076Kb
HILLCREST PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 1964Kb
HILLVIEW PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 2016Kb
HILL 60 PARK   2009-07-17 PDF 2002Kb
Google Earth File   2009-07-16 ZIP 75Kb
A WAYNE TAYLOR PARK   2009-07-16 PDF 2090Kb
ABSALOMS WALK   2009-07-16 PDF 1931Kb
ANGEWOOD PARK   2009-07-16 PDF 1964Kb
ARLINGTON PARK   2009-07-16 PDF 2030Kb
BECHTEL PARK   2009-07-16 PDF 1988Kb
BARRADELLS LOFT   2009-07-16 PDF 2029Kb
BRENT PARK   2009-07-16 PDF 1956Kb
Neighbourhood Associations
Neighbourhood Association Map - aoda 2013 map depicting the Neighbourhood Association boundaries. 2015-03-12 PDF 892Kb
Kinbridge Community Association - Southwood Community Centre   2012-08-03 PDF 449Kb
Kinbridge Community Association - Christopher Champlain Kinbridge Community Association - Christopher Champlain 2012-08-03 PDF 445Kb
Sports Registration and NCCP Coaching Clinic Information Sports Registration and NCCP Coaching Clinic Information 2011-03-17 PDF 610Kb
Greenway Chaplin Community Centre   2010-02-22 PDF 102Kb
Public Art Competition
Artist's Statement   2007-11-07 PDF 14Kb
Special Event Manual
2014 Special Events Manual - aoda Most recent version of the 2014 Special Events Manual 2015-03-13 PDF 6417Kb
Alcohol Excerpt from Special Events Manual An excerpt of the section pertaining to alcohol from the Special Events Manual. 2015-02-02 PDF 47Kb
Special Events
Municipal Alcohol Risk Management Policy Complete Municpal Alcohol Risk Management Policy that is adhered to by the City of Cambridge. 2015-01-30 PDF 759Kb
TD Tree Day Event taking place on October 4, 2014 2014-10-04 PDF 690Kb
Kitchen Party Poster with details of the William E Pautler Kitchen Party on September 20, 2014 from 1 to 3 pm 2014-09-20 PDF 188Kb
National Seniors Day Poster outlining various activities taking place on National Seniors Day - October 1, 2014 2014-09-14 PDF 1223Kb
Go Bike Day 2014 Bike Jam for all levels of expertise - 2 to 8pm.
Registration begins at 2pm - Saturday, June 21.
2014-06-21 PDF 168Kb
Trails and Cycling
Grand Trunk Trail Brochure - aoda Grand Trunk Trail Brochure 2015-03-13 PDF 15310Kb
Devils Creek Trail brochure - aoda Brochure/map of the Devils Creek Trail in Cambridge. 2015-03-13 PDF 367Kb
Bob McMullen Linear Trail brochure - aoda Bob McMullen Linear Trail brochure 2015-03-13 PDF 6050Kb
Mill Pond brochure - aoda Mill Pond Trail brochure 2015-03-13 PDF 3675Kb
Mill Run Trail brochure aoda Mill Run Trail brochure 2015-03-12 PDF 3454Kb
Grand Trunk Trail brochure Grand Trunk Trail brochure 2013-04-23 PDF 15307Kb
Cambridge Trails Map Cambridge has over 50kms of natural and urban trails throughout this picturesque city, check out the Cambridge Trails Map for hiking, biking, roller blading, bird watching, canoe/boat launching viewing areas, heritage sites and so much more.

For more information contact or (519)740-4681 ext.4531
2012-06-27 PDF 1242Kb
Cambridge Trails Map Check out the City of Cambridge Trails Map for all community trails, picnic areas, look out points, photo locations and all the information you will need to explore the many Cambridge trails. 2012-06-11 PDF 1239Kb
Idylwyld Park Flyer Idylwyld Park Flyer 2010-11-02 PDF 397Kb
Trails Maintenance Report Maintenance Report 2010-09-10 PDF 1818Kb
Trails Master Plan Trails Master Plan 2010-08-13 PDF 10206Kb
Mill Run Trail Brochure Mill Run Trail Brochure 2010-03-30 PDF 812Kb
Large Northview Trail Map   2010-03-18 PDF 75Kb
Large Devil's Creek Trail Map   2010-03-18 PDF 119Kb
Large Living Levee Trail Map   2010-03-18 PDF 96Kb
Brewster Trail Map   2010-03-18 PDF 164Kb
Large Grand Trunk Trail Map   2010-03-15 PDF 372Kb
Large Mill Run Trail Map   2010-03-15 PDF 269Kb
Large Linear Trail Map   2010-03-15 PDF 208Kb
Birds about the Confluence of the Grand Speed Rivers Birds about the Confluence of the Grand Speed Rivers 2010-01-28 PDF 330Kb
Rules & Etiquette on Trails Rules & Etiquette 2010-01-27 PDF 16Kb
401 Pedestrian Bridge Bridge 2009-04-21 PDF 344Kb
Hwy. 401 Pedestrian Bridge   2009-04-17 PDF 344Kb
Cambridge Trail Map - aoda To receive your free copy of the Cambridge Trails Map, please call (519) 740-4681, Ext. 4275. 2007-11-19 PDF 1890Kb
Volunteer Opportunities
Current Volunteer Opportunities Listing of the available volunteer opportunities in Cambridge 2015-03-16 PDF 61Kb
Volunteer Information Sheet   2010-09-21 PDF 57Kb
Volunteer Application Form   2010-02-03 PDF 42Kb
Volunteer Application Form 50+ Recreation Centres   2009-03-12 PDF 53Kb