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Activities Guide

The Activities Guide is a quarterly publication detailing the programs and services of the Community Services Department.


The 2015 Winter Activities Guide is available on Tuesday, November 25, 2014.

You may pick up the Winter Activities Guide at the following City facilities:
Allan Reuter Centre - 507 King Street East
City of Cambridge Idea Exchange Branches
Cambridge Centre for the Arts - 60 Dickson Street
Cambridge Farmers' Market - corner of Dickson and Ainslie Street
Community Services Department - 50 Dickson Street, Atrium/Main Floor
David Durward Centre - 62 Dickson Street
John Dolson Centre - 212 South Street
William E. Pautler Centre - 1145 Concession Road
WG Johnson Centre/GE Ted Wake Lounge - 31 Kribs Street

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