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Activities For Less

Activities for Less is the recreation subsidy program.

The City of Cambridge believes that all citizens of Cambridge should have access to enjoy the many recreational programs offered at our centres, even when a person's financial or personal circumstances may keep them from participating. For that reason, the City is committed to providing assistance to those individuals and families with low incomes by subsidizing part of the costs of memberships or programs directly run by the Community Services Department.

Determination of assistance is based on the "Statistics Canada Low Income Level Indicators".

Print the 2016 Activities for Less Subsidy Program application form or pick up an application package at the WG Johnson Centre, the Allan Reuter Centre, the Cambridge Centre for the Arts, the David Durward Centre, and the John Dolson Centre. Applications are also available at the many neighbourhood community centres in the city.

2017 Activities for Less application

For more information about the Activities for Less program please call the City of Cambridge at (519)740.4681 ext. 4458 or email

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