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What is Active Cambridge?
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Introduced by the Government of Ontario in 2004, Active 2010 was a comprehensive strategy to increase participation in sport and physical activity throughout Ontario. This government initiative acknowledges that participation in sport and physical activity has always been an important part of life in Ontario. However, with the complexities of modern living it has become more and more challenging for adults and children to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives.

Via a community roundtable, that included various levels of government as well as activity and fitness agencies from across the region, a community action plan was developed and Active Cambridge was born.

To build bridges between those providing physical fitness opportunities and those who desire to participate in them.

To educate Cambridge citizens about: active, healthy lifestyles and the Active Cambridge incentive.

The Active Cambridge organization has spent the past few years working with community leaders, activity organizations, ethnic associations, and other community groups with a mission to make Cambridge a more vibrant and active city.

To learn more about the Active Cambridge initiative:

Tune in to Active Cambridge Active City television program.
Film episodes are produced locally and are now aired across Southern Ontario.

Visit the Active Cambridge Community Activity Expo is held each year in August. For more information contact Active Cambridge

Find your ActiviTYPE on Active to find your active personality, connect to your ideal groups and activities, and share in the ongoing story of our active city.

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