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The City of Cambridge has a number of Statutory and Advisory Boards and Committees. These bodies report to the Standing Committee associated with their Staff Liaisons.

Every year, a number of citizen appointments to these Boards and Committees become vacant. These vacancies are filled by City Council. If interested in serving on one of these many Boards and Committees, watch for newspaper advertising in late September and early October each year requesting that interested citizens apply or drop an e-mail to the for more information.

To view information about individual Boards/Committees, see the various categories in the left hand side bar.

For Advisory Boards & Committees Application Form please view link below.

City Of Cambridge Vacancies on Statutory Boards/Advisory Committees

Cambridge City Council invites applications from citizens who are interested in having their names considered for appointment to an advisory committee. To be eligible for appointment, you must be a qualified elector in the City of Cambridge - however, general qualifications may apply on certain committees. *Applicants May Apply For More Than One Committee, On Separate Application Forms.

Please read below for information relating to each Committee.

The Budget Audit Committee oversees the the financial management of the Municipality and recommends to Council on an annual basis, the City's Operating, Water, Wastewater and Capital Budget(s). Key areas of responsibility include: Financial Reporting, Budgeting, Review of Financial Policies, Risk Management and Internal Audit. Council is seeking 2 citizen appointees (with a Chartered Professional Accounting designation or Legal designation).

City Council is seeking three members from the community at large to sit on a Task Force with the defined purpose to oversee the evaluation of potential sites for a new multiplex sports and recreation facility, to provide a forum to assess the potential costs, timing and other issues associated with the various location options and to provide input to Council's broader decision-making with respect to the ultimate location of the facility.

Applicants must be prepared to meet approximately ten times on a bi-weekly basis between June and September/October.

Council is seeking individuals with an interest in the multiplex project who can demonstrate some level of expertise broadly in the areas of site selection, land development process and municipal decision making dynamics. An interest and knowledge of sports and the local sport community would also prove valuable to the Task Force.

Interested applicants should submit, in writing, an application stating their name, address and contact information (phone, e-mail) and a one to two paragraph summary of their knowledge, skills and abilities applicable for this task force. Applicants must be current residents of the City of Cambridge and must be free from any conflicts of interest related to the site selection process.

CAMBRIDGE LIBRARY BOARD: The Board manages, regulates and controls the Cambridge Public Libraries under the terms and conditions of the Public Library Act. Persons appointed to this Board are required to be residents of the City of Cambridge, at least 18 years old, and Canadian Citizens.

ARCHIVES BOARD promotes the collection, restoration, preservation and exhibition of documents, pictures and manuscripts of historical significance that relate to the social and economical development of the City of Cambridge and the accessibility of those records, under suitable conditions, to the general public; advises Council on Archival issues; and supports the continued physical and financial development of the City of Cambridge Archives.

CAMBRIDGE MUNICIPAL HERITAGE ADVISORY COMMITTEE (CMHAC) provides advice to and assists Cambridge Council on matters related to Parts IV and V of the Ontario Heritage Act, and assists Council with the implementation of policies and programs pertaining to Built Heritage Resources (e.g. Official Plan Policies). Candidates should have an interest in the community's history and heritage resources. Expertise in one or more of the following areas would be particularly desirable: construction technology, architecture, urban design, local history.

CAMBRIDGE TRAILS ADVISORY COMMITTEE (CTAC): The mandate of CTAC is to advise Cambridge Council on policy, planning, development and implementation of public trails and related off-road and on-road cycling matters as outlined in the "2010 Cambridge Trails Master Plan" and "2008 Cambridge Bikeway Network Study." (includes neighbourhood and community trails, riverbank trails and on-road linkages, currently existing and proposed). CTAC also co-ordinates planning, projects, and activities with the Cambridge Cycling Focus Group. Individuals with a knowledge of the community's parks, open space, trails and cycling routes, along with knowledge of trail and cycling planning issues are encouraged to apply. Successful candidates will need to attend various site visits and meetings, at a minimum of the second Thursday evening of each month.

CAMBRIDGE ENVIRONMENTAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE (CEAC): The purpose of CEAC is to advise Cambridge City Council of ways to protect, maintain and enhance the natural environment in harmony with the built environment. CEAC also coordinates community projects, such as the Cambridge Stewardship tree planting, litter clean ups and educational water initiatives, through its Cambridge City Green and Cambridge W.A.T.E.R.S. subcommittees Members shall not be expected to function as a representative of a particular agency, organization or interest group. Expertise in one or more of the following areas would be particularly desirable: water resources, forestry, biology, climatology, economics, urban design, community development (volunteerism).

CULTURAL AWARDS COMMITTEE: administers the distribution of awards and expenses of the Bernice Adams Memorial Fund to provide assistance to deserving and qualified persons or groups in the fields of communications, arts and culture. The Committee may recognize special achievements on the part of individuals or groups in the arts and cultural fields in Cambridge through the Annual Bernice Adams Memorial Awards Event.

CAMBRIDGE FARMERS MARKET ADVISORY COMMITTEE (CFMAC) advises City Council on strategies and policies to sustain the vitality of the Market and McIntyre Place and promotes discussion and coordination of initiatives and programs for the Market and McIntyre Place. Advisory Members need to shop at the Market on a regular basis, they need to have an interest in local food and the downtown core of Galt.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE (EDAC): EDAC's role is to advise Council on overall economic development strategy and policies to sustain the vitality of the City's economic base. The Committee also provides a forum for discussion and co-ordination of economic development initiatives and programs with other community groups and agencies. Council is seeking four representatives from the Local Business or Industry sector.

CAMBRIDGE ARTS AND CULTURE ADVISORY COMMITTEE: The City of Cambridge recognizes the growing need for the continued development of artistic and other cultural opportunities in the City in relation to and in support of the quality of life of City residents. The Cambridge Arts and Culture Advisory Committee will make recommendations and provide advice to Cambridge City Council on matters pertaining to arts and cultural activities in the community. Applicants should have an appreciation for the arts and be familiar with arts and culture initiatives throughout the City. The Arts and Culture Advisory Committee is seeking three members of the community at large.

CAMBRIDGE ACCESSIBILITY ADVISORY COMMITTEE: The purpose of the Cambridge Accessibility Advisory Committee is to advise Cambridge Council on items pertaining to accessibility, municipal planning, specialized programs and projects directed towards compliance with provincial legislation - Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, Ontario Human Rights Code - Duty to Accommodate, and the Integrated Accessibility Regulation. The majority of members of the committee shall include persons with disabilities. Members will have a two-year term beginning in the month of January and they may serve for three consecutive terms.

YOUTH ADVISORY COMMITTEE OF COUNCIL: A committee of individuals ranging from 14-21 years of age built to discuss the issues and problems facing today's youth of Cambridge. This committee will also provide input and guidance to the City of Cambridge on behalf of the youth of Cambridge, with a goal to provide a positive bridge between youth and City Council. This committee will not only have the voice of the youth of Cambridge, but will also consist of the Youth Recreation Coordinator and a City Councillor as guiding voices. If you want to make a positive change to Cambridge, discuss and solve issues facing today's youth and build a supportive network within Cambridge for youth, then we want you!

ARTHUR WHITE SPORTS BURSARY FUND: The Trustees of the Fund are responsible for the disbursement of funds to deserving athletes, both as individuals or as teams, or athletic groups representing the City of Cambridge.

CORE AREAS REVITALIZATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE (CARAC): The Mandate of CARAC is to advise Council on issues and the formulation and implementation of policies and programs affecting the revitalization of the City's core areas; and provide a forum for discussion and coordination of core area revitalization policies and initiatives with interested individuals and organizations. Council is seeking one core area property owner, business tenants and residents as follows: 2 from Galt City Centre; 1 Preston Towne Centre.

PROPERTY STANDARDS COMMITTEE: Decisions of Property Standards Officers may be appealed to this Committee, established pursuant to the Building Code and the Minimum Standards By-law. The Committee meets as required when appeals of decisions are made.

DOG MUZZLING COMMITTEE: The primary responsibilities of DDAC is to hear and consider appeals to the designation of potentially dangerous or dangerous dogs by the Animal Control Officer under the Statutory Powers Procedure Act. To hear individuals that may wish to comment on the designation of a dog by the Animal Control Officer; to provide a written ruling regarding the designation of the dog and to provide written requirements for keeping of such designated dogs. Council is seeking 1 local veterinarian, 1 representative of a local kennel club, and 2 citizens-at-large.

BOULEVARD APPEAL COMMITTEE: hears and considers appeals of decisions made under the Boulevard By-Law. The Boulevard By-Law regulates the construction, maintenance and protection of boulevards within the City of Cambridge. Such items as planting flowers, cutting grass, placement of concrete or gravel on boulevards will now be regulated. The Committee, comprised of at least 3 ratepayers, would hear appeals by those owners who feel aggrieved by decisions made under the by-law. The Committee may then affirm, rescind, or modify those decisions.

WATERLOO REGIONAL AERONAUTICAL NOISE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE VOLUNTEER COMMUNITY: The Aeronautical Noise Management Committee (ANMC) provides a consultative/communication forum for the community stakeholders to meet with the Region of Waterloo International Airport Management and other aviation community representatives to discuss issues relating to the mitigation of aircraft noise in the community. We are seeking 1 community representative. Meetings of the Committee will be held in the boardroom located in the Terminal building at the Region of Waterloo International Airport. The term of the Committee will be concurrent with the term of Regional Council and meetings are normally scheduled at 5:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of Ma

Please note depending on the Advisory Committee/Board,
Police checks maybe required by volunteer committee/board members.

APPLICATION FORMS AND INFORMATION CONCERNING ELIGIBILITY OF APPOINTEES can be obtained in person at the Office of the City Clerk. If you prefer, you can telephone
(519)740-4680 (ext. 4233), TTY (519)623-6691 or e-mail

The Date for Filing Completed Applications is Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Michael Di Lullo, City Clerk, 50 Dickson Street, (2nd Floor),
P.O. Box 669, Cambridge, N1R 5W8

Personal Information is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act for the purpose of making appointments to City of Cambridge Boards/Committees. Questions about this collection should be directed to F.O.I. Coordinator, (519)740-4680 extension 4583. Please note that the Applications will be made available to Cambridge City Council as public information.

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